Fave cream shadows for quick make up looks

Cream shadow: the quickest, easiest to use make up product in my book. Even if you don’t know how to do eye shadow, you can do cream shadow. How? Because you simply dab some on and blend it out. That’s it. 100% eye look done in less than 30 seconds with bulletproof staying power and maximum effect. And that’s why I like using it on days when I have overslept, want to keep things simple or am simply lazy for whatever reason. There are 5 particular cream shadows I reach for more than any others I have: this is them.

A little bit of budget, a little bit of high end: it’s a mix as most of the products I use

I first started using cream shadows for a quick one shadow look during traveling. It’s easy because you don’t need any brushes if you don’t want to and if you bring one or two you can mix and match to create many different looks. I fell in love with the versatility and fuss free usage, which is what I care about when I’m on vacation.

How I exactly came to pick these 5 I’m not sure, but they are colors that I think are best suited for a one shadow look. Just this and mascara and you can be out the door. Of course, if you want to amp up the look, a little bit of liner, be it pencil or liquid, can spice things up a little bit, but I prefer wearing these as is. Trying to be super fancy? Then try layering them underneath an eye shadow look to create different effects.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pink Gold

Let’s start off with my two favorite lighter shades. Pink Gold is exactly as the name suggests: a pink with a hint of gold. Once applied on the lid the hint of gold gives this shade the most gorgeous sparkle that makes the shadow seem far more dimensional than it actually is. This probably is a shade that looks most flattering on fair skin tones as it can look quite frosty if your a lot darker than me. On my pale skin, it is the perfect my-lids-but-better shade that even things out and adds a touch of color for a fresh, more awake look.

MAC Paint Pot Bare Study

I usually alternate Pink Gold with MAC’s Bare Study. One of the first cream shadows I ever bought, this is still going strong. It is the most stunning champagne shade that adds just the right amount of interest. This one I wore continuously when I first got it. Mostly underneath eye looks, but then I took it on a study trip and had nothing else with me. I decided to slap this on and my love for wearing cream shadows as is was born. In a way you could say that this is the culprit that started it all. This will look flattering on almost everyone and when applied with a light hand can even serve as an eye shadow base.

Maybelline Color Tattoo On and On Bronze

Another Maybelline one, because Maybelline Color Tattoos are simply some of the best cream shadows out there. On and On Bronze, or if you have the US version: Bad to the Bronze, is a deep bronze brown shade. It looks more golden in the pan, but on my skin this pulls more towards a shimmery dark brown. Stunning for layering under shadows to deepen up looks, but also on it’s own this makes for a gorgeous shade.

With this I like to be a bit more careful: I take a brush to apply it closest to my lash line and intensify that. I then proceed to blend it up and out to create a thoroughly diffused look. This is one of those shades that pull different colors depending how the lights hits it, making it perfect for a one shadow look. it will look entirely different on your lid than it does in the crease.

Make Up Forever Aqua Matic ME – 50

Unfortunately Make Up Forever doesn’t play the fancy name game, but it does make some stunning products. I don’t own too many MUFE products, in fact I believe this may be the only one, because the counter usually makes me feel massively overwhelmed. Not sure whether I’m the only one, but whenever I encounter a brand in real life, I just look at everything and then don’t know what to pick.

Not with this shadow stick though. I spotted it in Sephora when it first launched and I knew I had to have. Especially after having swatched it! This product will stay put as it is fully waterproof. Which makes this product perfect for hot summer weather. You can wear this and take a shower and it will not come off unless you use and actual make up remover. So if you were planning on wearing a golden bronze shadow on your lids for when you’re lounging by the pool: I highly recommend this one.

Kiko Stick eyeshadow 05

My favorite eye shadow sticks though are by Kiko. Far more affordable than Make Up Forever and with a very wide range of different colors available, this product is one of my favorites. Whenever I am in a Kiko store I have to pick out a few to add to the collection. Of all the shades I own, 05 is my favorite. It is a dusty rose with a mauve/ taupe undertone that makes it another one of those perfect one shadow look shades. The formula is creamy, stays put very nicely and just looks very flattering on.

And to add proof as to how stunning these all are, I decided to add a few swatches. I mean look at that?! These shades are intense, they are shimmery and each one is unique and gorgeous in its own way. From a golden bronze for that perfect glowy summer look to a stunning brightening champagne and pink, followed by a deep bronze brown and pinky mauve for an easy all over the lid shade. It couldn’t be more quick and easy than this!

What products do you use for a quick make up look?

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