An ode to… the denim jacket

If there is one classic fashion item that is a must have for my summer wardrobe it’s a denim jacket. Living in the Netherlands, some sort of jacket is a must year round. Even though it is officially summer now, mornings are still chilly, it’s been raining buckets and the weather is usually pretty fickle to begin with. Most conventional jackets can be a little bit to warm though, as temperatures have been okay. So that is why I love to throw on a denim jacket. Here’s why I love it so much.

denim jacket

What is your favorite summer coat?

My denim jacket was an absolute steal and one of those items I just bumped into on a sale. I got it from Mango, a few years ago at more than half price. I’ve been wearing it ever since. I’ve probably had this jacket for 5 or 6 years now and it’s still going strong. I just pop it on over blouses, shirts or simply wear it as is. I’ve taken this to music festivals, several vacations and I wear it on the day to day. When it comes to cost per wear, than this has most certainly been worth its price.

I like my denim jacket to be a tad oversized. This is an XL which is a tad to big on the arms, but which gives it a nice loose fit. It makes for a super casual vibe, which is what I like about denim jackets in the first place. You can throw this on over anything and give it a je ne sais quoi chic look which is edgy and effortless at the same time.

And that is exactly why I love denim jackets! It goes with absolutely everything and it is a straight up no brainer. I just chuck it on and hope for the best and 9 out of 10 times with a denim jacket your outfit still looks great. Just in the past 3 weeks I’ve worn this over a cute summer dress with tropical print and a skater style fit. Then another time I wore it over an all black outfit, with black jeans, a black tank and a loose fit black & white checked blouse. And then even more times, I wore this just plainly over a t-shirt.

The best part about a denim jacket is probably how easy it is to layer things underneath. Combined with a crisp white tee, you get that instant James Dean vibe. Pair it ripped jeans and converse for the ultimate tom boy look. You’ll even do a double denim which is totally on trend this summer season. Or layer a t-shirt which a flannel shirt and the jacket on top and you will have an outfit that not only keeps you warm, but that is perfect for the festival season as well.

If you weren’t yet convinced that a denim jacket is a must have to complete your wardrobe, then hopefully now you do. Writing this post made me realize that I never actually styled this jacket, so I will have to try and do that some time soon. Please let me know your outfit ideas with this denim jacket in a comment down below!

How do you wear your denim jacket?

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