Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

It’s my birthday! And to celebrate I am bringing you this review of the brand spanking new Make Up Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave eyeshadow palette. Why? Because it is one of the best affordable make up products I have bought in a long long time. I randomly stumbled across this beaut of a product on Instagram. And since I was about to place an order for some other make up goodies anyway, I decided to chuck this into my basket at the last minute. I surely do not regret that decision.

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave

This eyeshadow palette is apparently a collab between MUR and a British beautyblogger. I am not exactly sure who, but all I know is that she did a wonderful job selecting these shadows. The pans aren’t the biggest, but you do get 30 eyeshadows in a range of colors (not just neutrals!) at only €14.95. I bought mine from and featured it in my recent unboxing video.

Let’s start off with the packaging. For a change this palette comes in gold. A nice change from the usual black palettes Make Up Revolution does. It makes the packaging look instantly more luxurious. The front is embellished with a graphick logo and the box has a shiny finish. That’s a good start!

When you open the shadows you see a mirror the size of the lid and a brush. The brush is quite flimsy and to be honest I never use these. The only brand that gives you useful brushes with their palettes is Urban Decay. The mirror is a nice touch though as it allows you to take this palette on the go.

On to the shadows. These 30 shades range from a matte cream to a deep shimmery burgundy. There are many different textures and finishes: shimmery, metallic, baked, matte and satin. The color selection is also great: neutrals with a twist. There are your usual suspects, such as browns, taupes dusty pinks and coppers. However this palette also features some pops of color. There’s an overall green/ blue section top right and bottom right there’s the plum/ burgundy section. One thing I like about this is that some of the more standard shades are the ones that come in an unexpected finish. Seems well thought out!

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

Glimmer – Buffer – Peachy – Ice Cloud – Golden Coins

  • Glimmer: a soft peachy pink with a satin finish
  • Buffer: a matte flesh toned shade
  • Peachy: a satin peachy pink
  • Ice Cloud: a frosty white
  • Golden Coins: a baked bronze copper with lots of shimmer

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

Hope – Fortune – Cashmere – Tip Top – Yes Please

  • Hope: a light shimmery taupe
  • Fortune: a medium shimmery bronze
  • Cashmere: a satin taupe with a hint more mauve than Hope
  • Tip Top: a matte puke green color (no other way to describe it!)
  • Yes Please: a shimmery deep khaki green

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

Skylight – Transformer – Midnight Rainbow – Green Machine – Smoothie

  • Skylight: a baked navy blue with golden vein. The gold shows up as chunky glitter.
  • Transformer: a matte teal
  • Midnight Rainbow: a mostly sheer shimmery blueish grey
  • Green Machine: a shimmery olive green
  • Smoothie: a matte green

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

Caffeine Fix – Latte – Soft – New World – Favour

  • Caffeine Fix: a matte dark brown
  • Latte: a matte light brown
  • Soft: a matte cream
  • New World: a baked, super shimmery soft pink
  • Favour: a shimmery dusty rose

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

Pink Diamond – Creme – Drama Queen – Sunset Hour – Super Gold

  • Pink Diamond: a shimmery light pink with silver reflects
  • Creme: a matte beige
  • Drama Queen: a matte deep plum
  • Sunset Hour: a shimmery golden bronze
  • Super Gold: a baked shimmery dark brown

Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette

Lonely Planet – Blacqua – Winning – Brave – The Revolution

  • Lonely Planet: a baked black shadow with red veins, shows up like a blackened red
  • Blacqua: a matte black
  • Winning: a matte purple
  • Brave: a satin blackened purple
  • The Revolution: a satin burgundy

Out of these 30 shades some show up well some do not. The biggest let downs for me are Midnight Rainbow and Smoothie. Especially Smoothie hardly has any color pay off. Some of the lighter shades are so close to my skin tone that they barely show up on the picture, but they are most definitely there. Soft is a stunning brow bone highlight!

But other than that this palette pretty much contains nothing but great shades. Peachy and Golden Coins must be my two favorites from the first set. From the second set, Hope and Yes Please are the stand out colors. In the blue section, Skylight, Transformer and Green Machine make up for the lackluster performance of the other two shades.

In the bottom half of the palette, I am really enjoying New World. That shade truly surprised: favorite inner corner highlight in this palette. Drama Queen and Sunset Hour are definitely shades that we have seen before, but that just round up this palette oh so nicely. When it comes to the more special shades, I think you will find those in the bottom right of the palette. Lonely Planet, Brave and The Revolution are definitely shades I have never seen from a drugstore brand like Make Up Revolution.

Look 1: Green

Yes Please, Green Machine, Tip Top, Winning, New World, Soft

For the first look, I wanted to try out those stunning greens. On the eyes they ended up being a bit too samey-samey. That meant that this look ended up looking more like a blob of color on my eyelid. A very pretty blob of color nonetheless, but I feel there is something missing here. I think I should have used Transformer to deepen up the crease and add some more interest. Winning is on the lower lash line for a subtle hint of purple.

Look 2: Golden copper

Golden Coins, Ice Cold, Soft, Buffer, Cashmere, Hope, Super Gold,  Caffeine Fix

The browns in this palette worked a lot better for me. I really enjoyed this look. The colors blended well, without overblending and disappearing into nothingness. Lasting power of these shadows is also great with a primer and I experienced little to no fall out, even with the darkest shades. This look may not be the most unusual look you can do with this palette, but I just love my copper and browns. I think the greens from look 1 would be better off if not paired together but with one of the coppers to make them pop for real.

Look 3: a plummy smokey eye

The Revolution, Drama queen, Cashemere, New World, Brave, Soft

For the final look I knew I had to work with those darker shades. I created this plum smokey eye that I really enjoyed. It’s a little bit darker than I would usually wear on the day to day, but stunning nonetheless. I also build this one up a little bit differently from the usual. Instead of starting on the lid, I started this look in the crease which made for a nice and smokey result.

I am a huge fan of the Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette! The colors are stunning, the pay off is good for most shades and they are very very workable indeed. My advice? If you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette that can do it all, at an affordable price, then you need to get this asap. Because I believe this is limited edition. Get it while you still can!

What do you think of the Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette?

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  1. Hi !
    Thanks a lot for this review. I just got this palette for my birthday and I’m found of it.
    Your description was very useful for me because I’m totally blind and you described the different shades very precisely, so I can have an idea of the colours and how to mix or associate them.
    So thank you very much for that.
    And sorry for my bad english, I’m French !

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