What I Eat #27

Whelp, it’s been 2 months since I posted one of my What I Eat food diaries. I simply forget to take pictures of my meals so often. Also because I feel I’ve already shared so many things on here, that I don’t feel I have that much new to add to the mix. But a girl’s still gotta eat of course! So here are some meals I had in the past few months. There’s a few London meals thrown into the mix as well. So not all of these were homecooked meals.

A delicious salad & lemonade @ Giraffe in London

I think these food diaries have also changed over time. I started doing them to track my wheat free journey. I am still mostly wheat free, but where 2 years ago I was on a serious #fitgirl health kick, I am now enjoying more a bit of everything. Around 70% of my meals and food intake is healthy. The other 30%? Not so much and this What I Eat definitely shows that. Just keeping it real ;-).


Banana-egg pancakes

Breakfast @ Pret A Manger
yogurt with granola, a green tea, almond croissant and fresh fruit bowl

Oatmeal porridge with flax seeds, banana & blueberries

Banana egg pancakes with oats & chocolate chips

I like my first meal of the day to be hearty and filling. I start my workdays with porridge, which is 100% vegan as I make it with almond milk. I am not vegan per se, but I don’t like the taste of regular milk. I have found almond milk to be a great alternative for regular milk when making porridge.

When I was in London I decided to treat myself to some Pret breakfast nearly every day. It’s mostly fresh and simply the best place to find at least healthier options of your regular take away breakfast foods (save for the almond croissant that is).

The pancakes I usually make during weekends or days off as they are a bit more time consuming. I still love these and play around with the recipe from time to time to come up with different versions. I thought the oats & chocolate chip version I came up with last Sunday was a pretty neat one.


Pasta salad with rocket mixed lettuce, ham, olives and spinach

Avocado-peach smoothie

Quinoa & roasted chick pea salad with feta, olives, tomatoes and lettuce

I’ve been on a major salad kick lately. Mostly every single week I make a large bowl of salad and eat it spread over three days. I’ve been playing around with quinoa and roasted chick peas quite a bit and I love that flavor combo. And it’s super filling.

Another weekly option for me has been a smoothie. I amp it up with avocado and/ or buckwheat groats to make it more filling. I’ve been loving the fact that white peaches are back: they are my favorite fruit for making smoothies. That and pineapples. Guess what I’m having for lunch today? Yep, a pineapple and peach smoothie :-).


Tagiatelle @ Jamie’s Italian Covent Garden

Tortilla cake at my friend’s place

‘Koude schotel’ @ my parents’ place

Tortelline @ Jamie’s Italian at Gatwick airport

None of these dinners were homecooked meals! I’ve indeed been eating out quite a bit. Either because of vacation, hanging out with friends/ family or concerts after work. In short, a lot of fun and lots of great food. Yes, I visited Jamie’s Italian twice in one week when I was in London because I like the food and the drinks are fantastic too.

The tortilla cake was especially a surprise. It was the first time I had it and it was absolutely delicious. My mom make a traditional Dutch dish when me and my brother came to visit last May. I’m not sure what Koude Schotel translates to in English or whether a similar dish exists. It might be. So please let me know in a comment down below, if you know what this dish is called in English.


Hazelnut Cannelloni @ Old Truman Brewery London

Strawberry & cream baked load (courtesy of my ATPM students)

Last but not least I had to share some snacks with you. I tried some cannelloni from a stall in Old Truman Brewery on my first day in London. It’s a great place to go and grab a bite to eat and try foods you may not have tried before. It’s like one giant food festival. Some of it was quite expensive and most of it too much for my appetite at that moment, so I opted for something small.

The strawberry loaf was a bit unexpected. I actually had two of these. Luckily I was able to share it with colleagues and friends as I wasn’t going to eat all that by myself. My students gifted it to me as a thank you for teaching them for two years. How awesome is that?!

As you can see, not the healthiest of food diaries, but an honest one nonetheless.
What have you been eating?

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