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How long has it been since I did one of these? Primark isn’t a place I frequent any more, but once in while I make a point of going there. Because there is one thing that Primark does best and that is lounge wear. Honestly, I think each and everyone of my PJ’s, comfy pants and joggers are from Primark. And I felt up for a round of fresh pairs of PJs and the like. If you do not like Harry Potter than click away right now, because the majority of the items I bought are related to the boy wizard.

Curious to see what I bought? Click on through!

The reason why I’m doing an old fashioned picture post on this, is because I didn’t get too many things. I mainly went to Primark to check out their new range of Harry Potter related items. I already spotted and bought a few when I was in London last May and I really liked them. So when I spotted new pieces on their Facebook page, I thought I’d go and have a look to see whether they had anything I’d like. Oh and I can never go to Primark without buying shoes it seems. So those are at the end of this post. Enjoy the HP craziness!

Hogwarts Pajamas set blue/ navy €13

Seeing all these items, you’ll probably think I’m absolutely crazy, and I know I am. But hey, a little craziness is okay I think. Plus most of these items will not get worn outside the house. I highly doubt I’ll head out the door wearing this set for instance. I mean, Marauder’s Map PJ pants? Not something I’ll go get groceries in. The fabric of the pants is oddly non-stretchy by the way, which made me size up in these just to have them be baggy and loose fitting. The shirt I actually did put with my regular shirts, because I think it looks too nice to be a PJ top.

Black PJ pants Marauder’s Map €10
Hogwarts knit joggers €10

One item I truly love from Primark is PJ pants. I bought two, again HP related. They had a more tight fitting Marauder’s Map one and a pair of joggers in a knit texture that is too hot for this time of year, but which will work nicely come fall/ winter. The black PJ pants were true to size, but because they were designed to be a tight fit, I sized up anyway. The joggers came up a bit big in my own size, so I decided to size down in those.

Gryffindor/ Slytherin/ Hufflepuff/ Ravenclaw slogan tee €8

When I had a good browse around the store to see if they had any clothes I’d like, I spotted this House slogan t-shirt. I really enjoy grey t-shirts and this is one I would wear out. Again, a rather tight fit on this, so I sized up quite generously. I like t-shirt to be boxy and baggy rather than tight fitting.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses socks €4

I already own these socks, but in a sneaker sock style. Now that I spotted them in a full sock, I figured I’d take them with me as well. The House logos are only printed on the foot of the socks, so you won’t actually see these are HP related socks until you take your shoes off. Which is fine by me. I don’t mind people figuring me out as a Potterhead, but I do like to keep it at a minimum.

Hogwarts baseball jacket €18

Just last week I wrote an ode to the baseball jacket, telling how I had to get rid of mine as it became a little old and tatty. And then just a few days after it I find a new one! This jacket has so many pluses: it is grey, lack and white, the Hogwarts emblem on the front is nicely embroidered on and not too noticeable and it isn’t too thick. I’m not sure how often I will be wearing this ‘as is’, but I’ve been looking for a new jacket/ hoodie to wear to the gym for some time and if need be, I can start using this for that purpose.

Property of Hogwarts tote bag €4

Ever since the ‘pay for your plastic bag’ rule came into force earlier this year, I’ve been so much better about bringing my own bag. I love using these canvas totes to bring with me as they are lightweight and easy to carry. I now have quite a few and thought this would make a nice addition to the canvas tote bag family.

Tan leather lace up sandals €5

Finally,  I also bought 2 pairs of shoes. I had been on the hunt for a pair of comfy sandals. I simply don’t have that many as my feet are awkward (I blame dance class) and don’t fit all the straps etc. Since I bought some sandals from Primark last year that were very comfy, I decided to browse around. And then I spotted this strappy number on sale. The label claimed they are made of real leather and the laces allow you to wear these as loose or tight as you’d like.

White laser cut brogues €11

The final pair of shoes I bought were also on sale. I think a pair of white shoes looks so fun and summery. I only owned a pair of white wedges until I took these home. The laser cut detail make them perfect for warmer days and I think these will be perfect for work.

What would you have purchased yourself?

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  1. Die bruine open schoentjes, leuk! Ik heb mezelf de komende tijd verboden om maar zelfs naar de Primark te kijken 🙈

  2. […] Not so much a clothing item that I would wear out of the house, but since I wear this every single day during winter, I couldn’t pass this one up. I don’t shop much at Primark, but since they started stocking Harry Potter related lounge wear I find myself checking out the store more again. When I was in London in May I found this dressing gown and I fell in love. I never showed it on here before, but I did do a Harry Potter heavy Primark haul last summer. […]

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