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For this week’s video, I thought I’d take you through my The Body Shop stash. I don’t buy body products from many other brands except them. They have some great sales on usually and the fact that I pretty much live around the corner from a store definitely doesn’t help. I saw Hilde do a video on her blog, where she shows all of her TBS products and I thought I’d do the same. I have some make up, skincare and of course body care. Once I put it all together I was quite shocked at how much I actually had. All in all, this is a very generous stash.

All my body butters in one frame
(they all fell on the floor just after this screenshot haha)

In the video below I will be taking you through all the little bits and bops I have from TBS. With The Body Shop being my favorite bodycare brand I have quite a bit. I mostly stock up on products during sales and they also do some generous discounts. Problem being that the limited edition lines are usually my favorites and after a while those are only available via the sales. I typically stock up on products a few times a year and barely by body care from any other brands. I may have a few odd products lying around that I’m looking to try, but since The Body Shop has products that I know work for me, with scents I love, I tend to go back to it time and time again.

Products mentioned:

Make up:


  • Lip balm: frosted plum, honeymania
  • Penguin sponge



  • Body lotions: virgin Mojito Body Sorbet & vineyard Peach body lotion
  • Body butter: vineyard peach, blueberry & special edition, pinata colada, frosted plum, honeymania, shea butter
  • Body scrub: vanilla bliss, pinata colada, shea butter
  • Shower gels 1: vanilla brulee, vanilla bliss, frosted plum, italian fig
  • Shower gels 2: pink grapefruit, early harvest raspberry, strawberry, vineyard peach
  • Shower gels 3: British rose, pinata colada

What is your favorite product from The Body Shop?

10 responses to “My The Body Shop collection”

  1. I got disrupted twice when I was trying to watch the video. The third time was the charm! 😄 I loved the video, especially since I am a body shop fan myself 😃 I just have to mention that for a person who prefers body lotion over body butters, you have a good collection of body butters. 🙈 (Just poking friendly, I don’t mean any harm). I loved Frosted Plum line, I wish I would have bought a few shower gels for summer too. Right now I have only one little body butter from Frosted Plum line and I don’t want to use it because it will end then 🙈😝

    • Is that what I said?! I meant it the other way round: I prefer body butter over body lotion! Whoops must have said something wrong there. And thanks for taking all that effort to watch the video. Much appreciated.

      • Okay, now I’m doubting in myself… I think I heard that you said that 🙈 Either way, I loved the video 👍💕 I also loved that you listed mentioned products under the video too. 😊

  2. […] Not all the products I will be showing you in this post are new to 2016. They were just new to me or I ended up reviewing them this year. Most of my favorites are skincare products. If there is one theme to 2016 than it’s skincare for me. This was the year where I developed a skincare routine that works and I have been getting tons of compliments on how well my skin looks as a result. I also ended up discovering a few haircare products that work well for me as well, so I thought I’d throw those in for good measure. No body care favorites as I am still hooked on everything by The Body Shop. […]

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