Nail polish collection

I hadn’t really planned to post two collection videos in a row. But oh well, it’s summer time and I’ve really been enjoying polishing my nails again. Which is why I felt like filming a nail polish collection video for you. I tell you bit about how I store my polishes and go over a few of my favorites as well. I hope you enjoy!

My nail polish collection & storage

My entire collection fits neatly into one Ikea Helmer set of drawers. The bottom two drawers aren’t that interesting as it just contains some nail wheels and nail care items. The dividers I use are the Ikea Anordna drawer dividers that I used to use for my make up storage a long time ago. Roughly 1 drawer is filled with glitters and top coats. Then I have one drawer filled with miscellaneous brands of which I only own a few polishes. Then there’s two drawers in which I keep two of my favorite brands for nail polishes: OPI and Catrice. Both brands take up the majority of the top two drawers.

Please leave a comment below with your favorite nail polish !
Also, if you’d like to get a more in depth view of my nail polish collection, then please let me know.

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