Music of the Moment (August 2016)

Let’s spice up this already hot summer’s day with some excellent music picks shall we? Summer time means plenty of opportunity to scour the web looking for the best new tunes of the past few months. Trust me when I say I have found tons of new music to listen and love. I decided to select a few for this months music overview. Meet my favorite songs of the month of August.

Everything Everthing – Distant Past

This track isn’t super new. In fact I’ve been listening to their album for a year or so. So I already knew this track, but then I came across it on a SXSW playlist and added it separately to my music collection. I love the poppy, slightly tripped out rock track this is.

Warhola – Red

Warhola played Lowlands festival last Sunday and I was there, but didn’t actually see them. Their name hadn’t stuck with me yet, but I love this minimal track with interesting caribbean influences and great vocals.

Of Montreal – It’s Different for Girls

A happy, bubbly disco type track with a confusion yet colorful video that definitely has a deeper meaning than the airiness of the music initially lets on. One to swing out to, and think about.

Tom Misch – Watch Me Dance

Another happy go lucky track with much more of a funky vibe. The vocals are smooth and go very well with the rest of the track. Summer in a nutshell? This song most definitely!

Local Natives – Fountain of Youth

Summer time is also the best time of the year to listen to folky bands. Local Natives is one of those bands that is starting to receive quite a bit of buzz. Their music is best described as a smart mix of folky vocals, poppy vibes and a good electronic underlying beat.

Courts – No Lie

Time for something different. I’ve been really liking Courts lately. Infectious beats, snappy vocals and overall punky vibes make this song a cool little track to jam out to.

Stephen – Line It Up

Another artist that is quickly becoming a favorite is Stephen. This singer songwriter blends anything from funk and break beats with catchy lyrics and interesting twists and turns. If you like Hozier, but are looking for more interesting tracks and more beats, less heartache.

Point Point – A Piece of Sun

Point Point is going to be a force to reckon with. If you’ve listened to more of my music posts, you know I like trippy electronic instrumental tracks. And these Frenchmen make just that! This song tickles an itched I didn’t even know was there.

DVSN – With Me

R&B/ Hiphop beats combined with smooth vocals: that’s what this track is. I’m not even sure anymore where I found DVSN but this new artist is definitely worth a listen if you’re into stuff like The Weekend and the like.

Lawrence Taylor – Bang Bang

We’re ending this month’s overview with another singer songwriter. With minimal instrumentation to help the song along, this track is heartfelt, honest and has one of the prettiest build ups I have heard in a long time. Oh and I like the smooth, yet slightly raspy sound of his voice too. If you like Ed Sheeran, then this may be something you may very well like as well.

What have you been listening to?

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  1. Ik ken helemaal geen van deze liedjes haha. Ik luister vooral muziek vanaf spotify en mijn lijsten zijn zo verschillend. Ik luister van Nielson tot U2 🙂

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