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On this blog I often share my dress selections. I love a good dress, but I thought it was high time to share with you another throw it on and out you go type of fashion item: the playsuit. Playsuits, or rompers, have been my go to for the hot days we’ve had this summer. Granted, there haven’t been many, but especially the past few days have been boiling. And I have found playsuits to be just perfect for super hot weather. Quite possibly even better than a dress.

My entire playsuit collection

I have far fewer playsuits than I have dresses. The main reason for that is because a playsuit is difficult to get right. I have a short upper body and longer legs, making a pair of shorts attached to a top a challenging piece to find. Mostly the top is too long, or the straps, the shorts come up too short, or simply won’t fit over my hips. I’ve owned a few other playsuits apart from these, but those were all donated to charity for these type of reasons. This year however, I have found quite a few additions to my playsuit collection and I thought I’d share.

Forever 21 Denim playsuit
H&M navy & palm tree print playsuit

We’re kicking off with my favorite festival outfit. This denim romper from Forever 21 is the perfect festival outfit. It’s made of a very comfortable, breathable material which makes it perfect for warm days. But this can also be dressed up and worn on colder days and can go from day to night.

The second playsuit is from H&M and I wore this a ton on vacation last year. This playsuit was an absolute life save when I was in Miami. It has pockets and a drop waist with a tie and combined with the spaghetti straps this made for the perfect beach and city outfit in the hot Miami weather.

H&M Red floral playsuit

I love floral dresses, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I also love a floral playsuit. This is made of a super thin material and when I bought it, I wasn’t even sure how much wear I could get out of it. I love how it has the straps across the back: it gives this playsuit a different edge and it’s just an easy breezy piece to wear. Also comes with pockets.

Urban Outfitters Black & White polka dot print playsuit
H&M ethnic print blue playsuit

Sticking to the printed theme are these two. The UO polka dot number was the first playsuit I ever bought. Trying it on because I thought it was a dress, I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a pair of flared out shorts attached. This playsuit has ribbons in the back to loosen or tighten the fit which makes it very versatile.

This year’s holiday outfit was made up of this ethnic blue playsuit and a pair of tan sandals. I wore this when I was in Budapest and it was so comfortable to wear. The fabric was nice and breezy, the wider straps made it extremely comfortable and with a bandeau layered underneath, not too much cleavage was on show.

H&M burgundy jersey playsuit
H&M navy wrap style playsuit with pom poms

The final two playsuits I have aren’t truly summer playsuits per se. These can be worn year round as they have sleeves and especially the blue playsuit is a more dressy version, which I like. The burgundy number is made of a super soft jersey material which makes it super comfortable. It has a popper in the neck which makes it easy to take off when you go to the bathroom.

My favorite of all of these has to be the nave blue with the pom poms at the hem of the shorts. The wrap around style on the chest is super flattering and the stretchy waistband makes this an easy to wear piece. The only thing not so easy about this is to get it off as you need to slide it off both shoulders at the same time to take it off. But I thought it too gorgeous and flattering a style to pass up.

Do you wear playsuits?

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  1. Die rode met die bloemetjes is leuk! Ik draag dit eigenlijk nooit ( draag sowieso niet heel veel anders dan Tante Betsy jurkjes ). Maar Amy, mijn oudste, draagt dit heel veel. Ik vind het altijd erg leuk staan!

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