Happy moment #6

A bit of an impromptu blog post for you today, but I thought I’d do one of my happy moments again today. It’s been ages since I last did these and I thought it was time I shared with you some recent moments that made me smile. Time to share some positivity!

What are your recent happy moments?
Let me know in a comment down below!

Late night sunsets – Like in the picture above! Isn’t my hometown beautiful on a late Indian summer night? I was walking back from the gym and loved the play of lights in the picture. I generally love sunsets. Sunrises are pretty cool too, though those require some very early morning. And even though there are plenty of them during my work weeks, I prefer to stay up late rather than wake up very early.

Finding out you can be a home owner – I finally decided to get some information about my financial situation and figure out whether I could buy a house any time soon. I couldn’t be happier when I found out that yes I can and from the looks of it, I can buy something that I like too. Here’s to house hunting and a new future!

Trying new make up – As you know I’m a make up junky and lately I’ve been buying and thus trying loads of new stuff. I spend all summer taking pictures and I’ve actually decided to try and up the beauty related posts on this blog as well. It seems to be THE thing most people like about my blog, I really enjoy writing about it and so it makes me happy to see happy people visiting my blog as well as writing about something that I truly enjoy.

Working out more – Yup, that’s right! I’ve been on the work out train once again. I’ve tried to build up a routine in the past 3 years or so, but never got round to it for several reasons. Right now I’ve been going strong for nearly 2 months and it’s already bearing fruit. I notice some clothes already fitting looser and and what’s best, my fitness level is going up too. Let’s just hope I don’t sprain my ankle like I did last spring. *fingers crossed*

Chatting away with fellow blogging ladies – Ever since participating in a bloghop with some fellow Dutch blogging ladies, we’ve been chatting away behind the scenes, thinking up new schemes, but also about very random things. For the past 6 years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve been flying solo for the most part and it’s just great to have a place to discuss things with some people from time to time. It’s great to not feel so alone in all this.

Teaching again – You know you truly are a teacher, when there is nothing that feels better than getting back into that classroom. No matter how stressful my job can be, or how many hours I sometimes have to put in just to make it all work, once you set foot in that room and notice people are actually learning something, because you’re giving them a nudge in the right direction, you just know what you’re doing it all for.

Fresh flowers – If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I love my fresh flowers. I never could because of hayfever, but ever since last spring I’ve noticed that fresh flowers no longer make my allergies flare up. Hip hip hooray! So I’ve been buying fresh flowers every week ever since. I love the punch of color and brightness it gives to my living space.

The end of immunotherapy – Speaking of allergies: I got my final hayfever shot last week! After 5 years of monthly injections with exactly that what I’m allergic to (fyi: that would be tree pollen), I have finally seen the treatment through to the end. I’ve not been cured, but my allergies have lessened so much that I can function like a normal person again.

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  1. Jaa heel leuk dat we zo samen appen. Leuk om te kletsen met meiden die dezelfde interesses hebben 🙂

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