Nivea micellar water facial cleanser

Who could live without a good micellar water these days? I certainly can’t. Even though the Garnier one is my favorite (or the blue capped Bioderma), I do like to venture out and try new things. Earlier this year, I picked up a bottle of the Nivea micellar water. Nivea products have been a staple in my life: I used to swear by their shower gels and always keep a tin of the classic Nivea cream in my house. Will this micellar water make it to the top spot of my skin cleansing routine?

Nivea Micellar Water with Almond Oil

Nivea Micellar Water for dry and sensitive skin with Almond Oil

The version I have is formulated especially for dry and sensitive skin: just what my skin type specifies. There are two more varieties available: one for sensitive skin and one for normal skin. A bottle of 200 ml retails for €5.99. That is triple the price of the Hema micellar water that I liked in a smaller container. However, Nivea is one of those brands that go on sale quite frequently, so you can get a much better deal on this.

The bottle is straight forward and simple in its design. It’s definitely a drugstore brand, which means that the packaging isn’t all that luxurious. A point on which I will return a little bit later in this review.

What sets this product apart and formulated for dry and sensitive skin is because it boats containing almond oil as an ingredient. So let’s have a look at the ingredient list to see if that’s true.

Nivea sticks to its promise: after water, caster oil and glycerin, almond oil is the fourth ingredient on the list. Other ingredients aren’t exactly clear to me, but this seemed to have the highest concentration of ingredients I could actually pronounce, which is why I decided to pick it up. I do have to say that I am not sure whether castor oil is all that good for your skin. Online I can find that castor oil is good for moisturizing skin and a natural treatment for spots. Sounds good eh?

What’s not so good about this product is its packaging. The very first time I opened the cap, half of the fastening came off. Luckily it’s still attached on one side, but the plastic of the cap isn’t of the best quality. For a product that’s nearly €6, and with cheaper alternatives on the market with better packaging, this is a bit of a let down.

But, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good product. On the contrary! This is a good product and does what it is supposed to do. It cleans my skin (as you can see in the images above) and doesn’t leave it feeling squeaky clean in the process. My skin does not feel tight after using this and I love using this in the mornings especially to give my skin a quick cleanse. It feels nice and smooth on my skin, is non-abrasive and doesn’t make my skin overly red. It’s a good product that definitely helps if you have dry and sensitive skin like mine.

The Nivea Micellar Water for dry and sensitive skin with Almond Oil is a good product all in all, but the packaging is just a major disadvantage. Especially for a skincare product, I would like it to close properly at all times. You are putting it on your face afterall. So no, this product doesn’t beat the Garnier micellar water, but it’s surely a good product in its own right.

What micellar water do you use?

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