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I’m pretty sure many of you are busy like me. Who isn’t busy these days? And I don’t know about you, but one thing that suffers in busy times is meal planning. I’m trying to be better about it again and have succeeded so far. However, there are still days where I need to have something quick and easy. These are some foods that I make sure to stock up on at all times because they can give me exactly what I need on a busy day.

5 foods you will always find in my pantry/ fridge

I try to keep my quick & easy options just that, but also on the healthy side of the food spectrum. Simply because there of course is nothing easier than ordering in a pizza, but that will not get you very far. So my goal with this post is to show you foods that take only a few minutes to whip up into a meal and that are good for you in the process.

Bananas – Yes, we need to discuss these little yellow friends. I love myself bananas. They are high in fibers which make for a quick pick me up when you need it if you eat them straight up. That’s why I love having a banana as a snack. If you want to make it a bit more fancy, you can always slice them up and add a scoop of peanut butter or almond butter for dipping them into. Lately, I’ve been slicing up some banana into my morning yogurt. It makes for a more filling breakfast and it keeps me satisfied until lunch time. Bananas for the win!

Eggs – Free range eggs are another staple I love to keep around. I love them straight up: boiled, fried, poached scrambled, you name it. Eggs can be done in so many ways and I love them all. One of my favorite ways to have eggs is 2 7 min boiled eggs on avocado on crisp bread. It’s yummy and filling and I’ve even taken to taking it with me to work for lunch. If you like your eggs a bit more fancy, beat them up and chuck in some fillings to make an omelette, or pour into some cupcake tins for a quick and easy egg muffin for breakfast or lunch.

Chick peas – The reason why I’ve added chick peas are the following: they can be whizzed up into hummus in a jiffy and they can be roasted in the oven and used as a filling in salads or, as a snack all by itself. However, chick peas are even more versatile: you can season them and turn them into falafel, chuck them into soups or just straight up if you need some more filling in a certain dish. Again, versatile and quick to put onto the table.

Veggie burgers – Pictured are some store bought falafel and pumpkin-sweet potato burgers. These are my favorite quick and easy meals. They are packed with veggies, filled with good protein and little to no wheat and sugars. When I have these I just chuck them in a pan and cook them according to the instructions (both just need about 5 – 6 minutes). I have fulfilling meal on the table within minutes and have enough energy for a workout afterwards. If you want to amp it up you can always add a salad or some bread if you’d like, but I prefer to eat this as is.

Crisp bread – Last but not least: crisp bread. If I’m totally stuck on what to have for lunch, breakfast or dinner, some crisp bread is usually a good solution. I mainly eat salads, left overs or smoothies at work and then only need a quick bite once I get home. And I find these perfect for just that. Not all condiments and spreads go well with this, but with hummus and some alfalfa, or avocado and eggs, you have a quick and easy meal thrown together within minutes.

What would your tips be for quick and easy foods?

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