MayBeauty The Incredible Face Gel

This past year my skin has become so much better when it comes to being sensitive and prone to allergic reactions. I truly believe that my new and improved skincare routine is the reason why and that has made me feel more adventurous to try new skincare products. When I discovered MayBeauty, a newly launched skincare line, I was intrigued by their products that promise a potent formula with instant results. I got to try their Incredible Face Gel and here’s how I fared.

MayBeauty The Incredible Face Gel

MayBeauty is a Finnish brand that is slowly expanding their line and including more and more territories. The Incredible Face Gel intrigued me as it promises a number of things. The main aim for this product is to remove dead skin cells, but in addition it should clean pores, remove excessive oils and make your face cleaner and smoother.

Since my skin has been suffering from milia quite a bit (it’s my main skincare concern), I am always in favor of trying products that might be of help. To me, this product sounded like a product that could help me to remove the top layer of skin that traps the milia and I hope that over time, this would be a product that could help lessen that problem.


Aqua, Propylene Glycol, PEG-400, Glycerin, Steartrimonium Methosulfate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Carbomer, Butylene Glycol, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Polysorbate 80, Betaine, Phenoxyethanol, CI 16185, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA

The ingredient list isn’t too long. There are plenty of ingredients I do not understand but rose extract and aloe vera extract are roughly midway through the list and there are some other skin conditioning agents in this product too.

The product itself is a clear to light pink gel. It’s a very watery gel. It is not as goopy as hair gel, but more like a face gel that you can use to clean your skin. And this is exactly what this product promises to do.

What I like about this product is that it comes packaged in individual pods. This is much more hygienic than using a pot. Each pod contains 10 ml of product and that is just a bit too much for covering my face. I am left with a little bit of product, so I think that if you use a less generous amount, you could use one pod twice.

The packaging tells you to try a bit of the product on your hand first before applying it to your face. With my skin being sensitive as it is, I decided to take no risks and did that first. Here you can clearly see the consistency of the product: a very watery gel.

Before – Applied to my face

Rubbed in – After

Let’s move on to how this product works. Because that’s of course the big question: does it work? Yes, it does! The way this works is quite straightforward: you apply the gel to your face, then you start to gently rub it into your face. After a few minutes you will feel a gritty texture under your fingers and you will see bits of white like in the picture starting to form. The last step to the process is to rinse it off with warm water. Say bye bye to those dead skin cells!

In fact, I think this works so well that it may be a bit too potent for my skin: as you can see the skin around my nose became quite irritated and inflamed, hence the redness. However, I didn’t notice any tingling or itching sensations after wards, but you may want to watch out if you have very sensitive skin. I think this product will work best if you have oilier skin with bigger pores and lots of shine.

before – after
gel applied – gel rubbed in

Here you can see a close up, to see what this product truly does. I could feel this working straight away: my skin felt squeaky clean and smooth like a babies once I had cleansed my face and applied some moisturizer. The end result may seem subtle but it is definitely there: my skin looks brighter and fresher. Where the before pictures show a bit of dullness, the after pictures show more refreshed, naturally glowy look.

And me? I will definitely be using the MayBeauty The Incredible Face Gel on and off as an extra cleansing face mask when I feel my complexion can use a good pick me up. I hope that over time, the occasional stripping of those dead skin cells can help clear up my milia a bit more.

MayBeauty The Incredible Face Gel retails for €25 for 8 pods. Get 30% off your purchase by using this link: and enter the code: maaikefacegel. This code and link are valid until Monday 31 October 2016.

Would you be curious to try the MayBeauty Face Gel?

***This product was sent to me for review

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