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Every year I seem to discover a few new Youtube channels that I enjoy watching. I also unsubscribe from a few every year and it’s just that I like to keep things fresh and new. When a channel becomes too samey, I tend to become disinterested and then I know: it’s time for something new. So I scoured my recommendations list and found some new beauty and fashion channels to watch. These are 5 Youtubers I added to my subscription box in the past few months.

Allana Davison

This Canadian girl just randomly popped up one day and I can’t believe she doesn’t have any more followers. She just traveled around Europe with her boyfriend and she does some stunning make up tutorials. On top of that, she has a goofy personality and always knows how to crack a joke. If you’re looking for a feel good make up channel, this is one for you.

What Olivia Did

If you’re looking for a channel that does a bit of both beauty and fashion than Olivia’s channel is a good idea. I don’t really watch her vlogs much, but I love her girly quirky fashion style. So it’s her fashion videos I watch most. It’s definitely a touch different from most, as it more cutesy rather than edgy. Yet her style is also very feminine and a bit boyish at the same time. And she has the most lovely accent to boot.

Helen Anderson

A channel that has a bit of everything: fashion, beauty and DIY then Helen’s channel is for you. I like her I don’t give an FFFF attitude, pink/ purple/ pastel hair and edgy style. She seems a bit loudmouthed at times, but I guess it befits her and she is quite the personality on screen. Her beauty videos are a bit smash and grab style, but she does play around a lot with editing. She seems to simply put a lot of thought in her videos which I appreciate.

Hello October

I thought I had already shared Suzie’s channel on here before, but turns out I haven’t. She is best friends with Alix from I Covet Thee, a channel that I have watched for years. She’s a shorty like me, does a lot of Topshop and Asos hauls and has  a very Pinterest worthy aesthetic in all of her videos. Currently, she’s posting a video every day for her Vlogtober, but I like her hauls and luxury make up videos most.

Sarah Rebecca

A Dutch channel! I don’t very often watch Dutch Youtube videos. Don’t know why, but I had never truly found a Dutch Youtuber whose videos I liked enough to watch on a regular basis. Until I found Sarah last spring. Again she does quite some hauls, regular vlogs and does plenty of tutorials on her make up looks. Even though I find the latter a touch too samey, I still watch them, because she seems like an overall sweet girl.

Which Youtubers are you watching?

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  1. I really like this post. I just started a blog myself and am looking for some inspiration. I was wondering if you have a youtube channel yourself. I was thinking about starting one, but I’m not sure if it will affect my chances of getting a job. I just graduated from university. I would love to know what you think. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Yes I do! I post videos every Sunday. I work in education and most people are positive about my online endeavors. Though I kept things quite for a good 4 years until I started sharing at work that I actually blog.

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