Ode to… cardigans

Picking just one fall staple is tough and where blouses are some of my favorite items to wear, I love topping them up with a cozy cardigan. Where some people share by jackets and blazers, I’m a true cardigan girl at heart. Give me a chunky knit cardigan and I’m a happy bunny. Since they are such a perfect item for fall, I thought it would be a good time to talk to you about why I love cardigans so much.

Are you more into blazers or into cardigans?

Comfort – For me the best part about a cardigan is the comfort. In a blazer I usually feel very constricted. It feels like I can barely lift my arms and because many blazers have a synthetic lining they also get a bit smelly. How different a cardigan is! You can just throw them on, easily chuck them in the wash after wearing them and they still give you all the freedom to move around

Warmth – Cardigans give me just the right amount of warmth. I have cardigans in many different materials so that I always have one to throw on, no matter the season. From thick woolly ones to thinner ones. Blazer can often make me feel too hot too quickly and I find them difficult to layer underneath thicker coats. A cardigan works in any season for me, which is why I have multiple cardigans in the same color only made out of different materials.

Style – I simply also prefer the style of a cardigan. Cardigans are a great way to look more casual. A blazer very often looks too formal to me and they also don’t fit me very well. Because I have wide shoulders and a bigger chest, a jacket or a blazer are difficult to pull off and not look like a frumpy mess. I simply own a few cardigans with a bit more structure to them for a more polishes look if I want to go for that. In short, cardigans are simply much more versatile and can go with any outfit.

Texture – Talking of outfits, I love how a cardigan adds an interesting touch of texture. One of my favorite outfits is a cream lace dress with a chunky knit burgundy cardigan. The lace is super girly, but the texture of the cardigan gives the outfit a much more upgraded look. I enjoy playing around with the different textures a cardigan gives me: from adding a lace cardigan over a cotton dress to adding a very fuzzy fluffy number over a sleek body con dress. It simply keeps it interesting.

Layers – The reason why cardigans are my favorite to wear in the fall is because fall is the season for layering. Because I’m short, layers can make me look even shorter, but I find that cardigans are the exception to the rule. A dress paired with a cardigan that is just as long makes an outfit more polished and streamlined. But cardigans can also be shorter and add a much needed pop of color in an otherwise monochrome outfit.

What are your fall fashion staples?

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