Fall Fashion haul part 2: Only, Vila, Topshop, Vintage & more

As I promised last week, this week I would have up part 2 of my fall fashion haul. If you would like to see part 1 then please go here. Like last week, this part of the haul also includes try ons for all items and there is a bit of everything again here. Unlike last week there are a lot more one offs in here. Meaning there aren’t that many items from 1 brand in this. I hope you enjoy!

Just a few items I’d like to show you. More after the cut.

I already explained last week that I go ham for fall fashion items. Hence the ridiculously long haul. I bought some more sweaters, another coat, another pair of shoes and some fun edgy and vintage items. Where the first video included quite a few basics and wardrobe staples, this is the part of the haul where we get the more unique and one of a kind pieces. So if you are interested in that, stay tuned. Links can be found below to every item I could still find online.

Products mentioned:

  • Heather grey thin knit sweater (Vila)
  • Forest green cardigan (Only)
  • Grey long collarless coat (Only)
  • Burgundy/ black/ cream scarf (Only)
  • Navy scalloped edge corduroy skirt (Urban Outfitters)
  • Grey herringbone slouchy button down shirt (Urban Outfitters)
  • Forest green Hamble Oak brogue (Clarks)
  • Grey jersey slogan sweater (Pull & Bear)
  • Silver metallic bomber jacket (Costes)
  • Pale silver blue shiny pleated midi skirt (Topshop)
  • Magenta pleated midi skirt (Vintage)
  • Khaki & blue pleated midi skirt (Vintage)
  • Navy & yellow floral pleated midi skirt (Vintage)
  • Red button down shirt (Vintage)
  • Hawaii print button down shirt (Vintage)
  • Black polka dot print button down shirt (Vintage)

What’s your favorite item from my haul?

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