Sprucing up a boring outfit

Some people swear by basic, simple outfits. They stick to a monochrome color scheme and a clean silhouette. I am not one of those people. I rarely wear an all black outfit and if my outfit is mostly monochrome I need to add at least one fun pattern into the mix. My personal style revolves around playing around with textures, colors and patterns, which is why, to me, a black top on a black pair of jeans is one of the most boring combinations I can think of. But how can you take it to the next level? In this blog post I will show you 5 ways in which I spruce up a plain outfit.

Forever 21 T-shirt
Topshop Jamie Jeans

One takes one boring outfit and turn it into…

1.) Add a pop of color

Only mustard yellow cardigan
Sacha biker boots with studs

Aaah… That’s better! My favorite way of sprucing up a boring outfit, is by adding a chunky boot and a fun bright pop of color. This mustard yellow cardigan brightens up the outfit. Moreover, because of the knitted texture of this piece the outfit also gets some much needed texture. To ensure that pop of color to truly stand out I paired this outfit with a edgy boot with studs, tassles and some silver hardware.

2.) Add a colored pattern

Zara floral bomber jacket
Asos green court heel

If you can have one pop of color, why not add two? The jacket on top adds some textures and the playful pattern make this all black base outfit much less somber. I love the pattern of this jacket: it is a fun, watercolor floral that is especially great for spring time. To tie in with the bright colors of the jacket and to lift the outfit even further, I opted for these grassy green heels. They add a feminine touch to an otherwise tough look.

3.) Keep it simple

H&M necklace
Converse Allstar low top in red

If a bright pop of color is a bit too much for you, then you can always opt for adding some jewelry to contrast with the all black outfit. I chose a silver colored chunky necklace in a v-shape. This helps to elongate the neck and streamline the outfit even more and goes nicely with the v-neck shape of the t-shirt’s neckline. Since I cannot resist at least a subtle pop of color, I thought this would go nicely with my red Converse to give the outfit a more sportslux vibe.

4.) Pattern up!

H&M checkered monochrome shirt
Invito pointed toe heeled boots with monochrome snake skin print

Like I said in the intro, I don’t mind monochrome outfits, but I feel they always need something to add some interest. In this case that interest comes for the pattern of the blouse. The blouse itself is oversized: I bought it in the largest available size. With the sleeves rolled up and an all black outfit underneath, it is the ultimate piece for that casual cool vibe. The boots finish off the touch of cool by sticking to the color scheme but adding another pattern to spruce things up.

5) Stick to basics

Mango light denim jacket
H&M Leopard print ankle boot

The final way in which I spruce up a lackluster outfit is by adding some other basics that can add some contrast. A denim jacket is a staple in my wardrobe. Anyone who sees me in summer time knows that it’s pretty much the only jacket I’ll wear. I wasn’t sure what shoe to wear, but leopard print is another staple in my fashion choices and these booties complemented the rest of the outfit so perfectly that I had to put them in.

How do you spruce up a boring outfit?

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  1. I’m that person who keeps it simple- grey or olive green t-shirt, blue jeans and a black cardigan. It is the easiest combination to wear on daily basis. If I want to add ‘spark’ to my look, I do something with my makeup.

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