Ode to Knit Sweaters

These past few days it seems like winter has arrived a little early in my country and when it gets cold I am always happy to bust out one of many knit sweaters. I love a good knit sweater and buy a few every year. By now, I have quite the collection so it is high time that I sing the praises of the knit sweater.

Cheap Monday sweater black & grey stripes
H&M neon & grey patterned sweater (men’s collection)
H&M burgundy knit sweater

Because why love knitted sweaters? Well they are comfortable, keep you warm and are just the best casual statement piece in your wardrobe. I love how versatile they can be: I pair them with nearly every type of clothing item. From jeans to skirts and over blouses: there isn’t much you can’t do with a knit sweater.

Another reason why I love knit sweaters is how each sweater serves a different purpose and will give an outfit a completely different look. That black easy jersey sweater I own? Perfect for layering over skirts. That super thick turtleneck cable knit? Great on super cold days and with skintight leggings.

Of course you could stick to your monochrome palette. I own quite a few black and grey sweaters myself. I actually have to tell myself consciously that no, I really do not need another grey knitted sweater. They made for a great comfortable staple that pairs well with blue jeans and an ankle bootie or sneaker. An easy sweater, jeans and red All Starts combo is one of my favorite casual outfits to wear.

If you want to go more preppy or more chic, then a knit sweater can also be a great way for getting that look. By layering a cute blouse with its collar peeping out of your sweater, you instantly get that casual chic look. Tuck your sweater into a skirt for a more fitted look. Paired with some killer heels, you are ready for a day at the office or a casual drinks party.

What I truly love about sweaters is how they can be the ultimate statement piece. Keep the rest of your outfit basic. Opt for black jeans and black boots and just top up with a fun pattern, a bright color or a combination of both? One of my favorite sweaters is this oversized Topshop sweater that has tons of different colors in the thread. From a distance it looks grey, but from up close you can see all those pretty pastel shades.

Ultimately though, a sweater is the most perfect way to keep warm in the winter time. It’s why I’ve been loving the turtle neck trend. The high neck instantly adds more warmth to your sweater and I especially love my thick burgundy cable knit. Not only does it keep you warm, it is also bang on trend. Especially paired with a pleated midi skirt as can be seen in any lookbook out there. Add a fun shoe and you’re good to go.

What do you like about a knit sweater?

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