What I eat #28

It’s been months since I last showed you some of my meals, but don’t worry: I still eat! I just haven’t been interested in taking too many pictures of my daily grub. So it’s taken a lot longer than usual for me to put together a What I Eat blog post. Some of these meals go back to summer. Go figure. I have been cooking more these past few months though and that has resulted in some yummy meals. Join me as I talk you through some of my favorites.

What I eat? Salads, lots and lots of salads!

This is one of the latest meals I had. I made this salad last week. It’s super easy too: just some quinoa, leafy greens, red bell pepper, olives, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese. One of my favorite meals that I am currently into as it is quick and easy to throw together and it makes for a great carry on lunch.

Let’s go over some unhealthy stuff shall we? See, I am no saint. These were mostly vacation meals though. I had fries (Dutch style) with my friend Alison when she came over last summer and when I visited Budapest I of course had to try some Hungarian street food. And how can one go to Italy and NOT have some pizza and gelato? That would simply be blasphemous.

Time for some breakfast foods. My breakfasts have been super boring. I like keeping this meal quick and nutritious for the most part. I sometimes indulge in 2 ingredient pancakes with chocolate chips but most of the time I am simply having a bowl of yoghurt or Senoble Blanc (which is like whipped cottage cheese) with some fruit and flax seeds. On workdays I add a glass of beetroot juice to that as well as a glass of water.

Snack time! I had to have a few snacks here and there of course. I had some left over brie and nuts one night while sorting out my nail polish collection. And when visiting my alma mater and found they still do the same muffins as when I went there, of course meant I had to have one for old time’s sake. I also tried some gluten free/ paleo/ health bars one peckish night after work. The Trek bar was my favorite.

For lunch I mostly have salads, leftovers, some form of eggy concoction, but one of my favorites is avocado on crisp bread. With or without a boiled egg and some seasoning, avocado will be my food of the year 2016. I didn’t care for it much before, but these past few months I have been loving it. And that salad is pretty much the same one as the one in the first picture only with cucumber and goat’s cheese.

Smoothies are less of a regular thing for me during winter. For me that’s truly a spring/ summer food. I still enjoy them occasionally though. I also tried some new green juice the supermarket at the station was selling. It was pretty good and not as bad for you as some of the other offerings.

Dinner is where I have truly been changing things up. I make a point of cooking at least twice a week. That will yield at least 4 – 5 meals easily and I freeze leftovers if I have any. This is also the main meal where, if I have carbs, I add those in. I made a delicious meal with brie stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon (success! I will have to make it again and give you the recipe) and a lovely pumpkin-lentil soup.

Other winter dinner treats consisted of red cabbage (made with my mom’s old school family recipe) with meat balls. Avocado and spinach pasta. A great curry that was a bit of a trial run, but turned out great and will definitely be made again. I also tried my hand at a burger and rosemary sweet potato fries.

Last but not least I decided to throw together a quick and easy chili con carne. I literally just shoved everything into a pan and let it sit and simmer for a nice long time to ensure everything was fully cooked and reduced down to ensure all the flavours would be combined.

Those were some of the meals I have in the past few months. What are yours?

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  1. My favourite breakfasts are: 1) buckwheat, cottage cheese, and tomato-avocado salad 2) hashbrowns with carrot-zucchini salad. Every now and then omelette with bacon and onions. Other meals for me are pretty much the same. I eat a lot of chicken in a different forms and with different side dishes (mostly rice, buckwheat, or potatoes).

  2. I love avocado on toast!
    For breakfast I eat bagels, Greek yogurt, and muffins.
    For lunch I eat salads, sushi, or Asian noodles
    For dinner – anything goes! Since I don’t do any of the cooking, I default to whatever my SO makes. He likes classic meals like meat and potatoes… last night we ate spaghetti. Tonight we’re eating stir fry. We don’t eat a lot fruit for some reason – we mostly stick to vegetables. I drink coffee and water mostly.

    • I used to love bagels! Here they are more a lunch food though. I have 3 pieces of fruit almost every day and I am a tea girl at heart, but I like the occasional cup of joe.

  3. Yummy! Yummy! I ‘ve been making up salads for lunch. Spinach & spring greens mix with various toppings. My favorite has been a pomegranate, pear, & walnut with poppyseed dressing 🙂

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