My thin-knit sweater obsession

I’m obsessed. With thin-knit sweaters that is. It may be a weird obsession to have, but it’s one that’s very very real. I always owned a few, but the obsession became real about a year ago when I purchased two from Topshop. And I have been on the hunt for more ever since. If you’re curious as to why I love them so much and which are some of my favorites, then keep on reading.


I’m obsessed with these!

Thin knit sweaters are mostly convenient. They are versatile because you can pretty much wear them year round: on mild winter or cold summer days they are the perfect garment to wear. Not only that, but they also go with pretty much anything. From jeans to skirts, to shorts and over blouses: the opportunities for wearing them are endless.

However, the best part about thin-knit sweaters must be the variations they come in. From fun patterns, to plain colors, to interesting cuts: this clothing piece comes in so many different variations that you can keep on experimenting with your look. And that must be why I love them most.


Breton striped sweater | H&M

Take this striped number for instance. It has been one of my favorites since I got it and I bust it out every spring. The material isn’t necessarily a knit, but it is a rather thick cotton blend. So not only does it add a fun pop of pattern to your outfit, it also adds a good deal of texture. You can easily layer this underneath a blazer or cardigan for extra warmth and paired with a dark blue denim and a sneaker it makes for an instant casual look.


Striped knit sweater | Topshop

On to the one that started it all. This Topshop sweater is one of my absolute favorites. It is flattering on and I especially love pairing this with a thicker skirt and a pair of thick black tights in the winter time. Paired with black booties and a statement lip this is the ultimate minimal piece in my wardrobe that is classic yet quirky at the same time. It’s monochrome without being boring.


Rust colored top | H&M

This type of top has been very fashionable lately and it’s still not going out of style. It took me a while to find the perfect one for me and I decided on this one in the end. The color is definitely something different and I like to wear this casually with a pair of black or grey jeans. This is definitely one for the spring and fall time more so for layering in the winter time.


Thin knit grey sweater | Forever 21

The ultimate thin knit sweater is of course grey. I love a good grey sweater and this one is hyper thin. A great layering piece and definitely one I wear year round. It is thin enough to be worn in the summer time on a colder summer night, but also perfect for layering tops and gilets under or on top to keep you nice and toasty in the winter. This is simply a great basic to have. If you truly want to invest than a cashmere version of this is a great option, but I have yet to find the perfect one for me.


Black & white thin knit sweater | Topshop

Quite possibly the oldest thin knit sweater in my wardrobe is this one. I spotted this in Topshop in New York when I was there in 2012. I love layering this over a black tank top and wear it with a basic pair of denim and a pair of Converse for the ultimate laid back out fit. This is great for teaching too as I always tend to overheat a little bit and then these kinds of items are a good wardrobe staple to own.

Do you wear thin knit sweaters?

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