How to look put together

You know I like my casual vibes and my uniform currently exists most days of a pair of jeans with a thick knit sweater. But there are plenty of days where I like to make more of an effort with my outfit and feel like looking more put together. And there are a few tricks I always use whenever I get in that mood. There are a few pieces I like to keep on hand so I can scale up any outfit within minutes.

how to look put together

How to look put together

Personally I wouldn’t put all of these items together in one outfit. Not because they don’t go together but because it rings too much ‘corporate business wear’ to me and not: cool and sophisticated. No matter the situation, I always like to add a bit of interest to my outfits and so I would generally take one of these items and use it to build an outfit around it.

The Pencil Skirt


Black pencil skirt | H&M

Nothing says chic like a good pencil skirt. I love this H&M number I bought years ago. It has just the right length and the material makes it comfy and easy to wear too. So if you’re afraid a pencil skirt might be too constricted, then looking for one that has a comfortable fabric is key. I like wearing this with blouses, sweaters, and more fun tops. The skirt will instantly lift up any outfit.

The Sensible Heel


Indigo heels | Tango

Heels are of course a must have! A good pair of heels can take any outfit from casual to sophisticated in a heartbeat. Don’t go for too high a heel as that can make your overall look seem much cheaper than it actually is. Hence the ‘sensible’ in the heading. My preference goes to a pointed heel in a dark color. Black or navy are always winners if you are trying to go for a look that is more put together. Wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses, well anything really and you’ve got that spruced up look.

The Structured Blazer


Black embroidered blazer | H&M

I like my blazers structured rather than flowy. I also like them cropped and without lapels. As I tried many blazers over the years, I have found that in order for a blazer to look flattering on my body type it simply has to meet those requirements. No matter what’s on trend, if I wear a blazer that doesn’t fit those criteria, I end up looking like a sack of potatoes. And that’s exactly what we’re not going for. So find a blazer that suits you and you can chuck it over any outfit for that sophisticated vibe.

The Floaty Blouse


Navy blouse | Primark

You know I love a good blouse and I have very many options to choose from. A blouse with a floaty texture in a soft material and a solid color will again get the job done. As it is plain it can be combined with many other jackets and bottom choices. A navy blue is one of my personal favorites as it goes with nearly everything. From slacks to jeans and from skirts to short: a good solid blouse is an all rounder that can’t be missing from your wardrobe.

The Tulip Dress


Printed tulip dress | H&M

Tulip or wiggle dresses are my go to if I want to look put together in one simple easy go. Since it’s a dress, you don’t have to worry about top and bottom combinations and the shape of it will add to the overall sophisticated look you’re going for. I would still opt for a fun print to keep the outfit from being boring, while pairing it with an oversize cardigan for some warmth and comfort.

How do you elevate your look?

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  1. My trick for looking “put together” is to make sure that the average vibe of all pieces together fit the occasion and location.

    So “business casual” can be all items that fit that category (slightly structured pants, blouse or sweater, semi-casual flats) OR items that “average out” to that formality level (suit jacket, joggers, fashion sneakers OR pencil skirt and oversized sweater).

    Same with “low key party” outfits: can be your obvious flirty skirt and a nice top, OR fancy dress and knit leggings and docs OR jeans and crisp white tee and killer heels and gancy bag.

    Since I also like a bit of spice in my outfits, I usually go for mixing formality/glam levels until the whole outfit averages out to appropriate.

    (Obviously this still means that high formality [job interview] still requires ALL items to be forma, and high glam [fancy wedding, gala] still requires the whole thing to be glam – the average of SUPER FORMAL is only reached when everything is super formal]

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