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A good vampy dark lip is one of my staples in my winter make up, but I also love the nail equivalent of that. Especially during winter time, a good burgundy nail can look great. With a glitter top coat it makes for one of the most festive nail looks around, but by itself it makes for a stunning classy manicure that just works every time. Today I’m showing you 5 dark vampy nail polish shades I love.

5x dark nails

5x Dark nail polish shade favorites

The 5 shades I’ve selected are all dark reds, because I just prefer dark reds over any other dark color. Sure I love a good blue and purple from time to time, but to me the ultimate vampy nail is a deep dark red. It has a vintage chic vibe that I can appreciate and it is through creating vintage make up looks, namely dating back to the 20s, that had me discover these kinds of shades. My tastes have developed quite a bit over the years, which is why I want to show you my current favorites.

Essence Rudolph’s Favorite


The first shade is this super affordable option by Essence. Sadly this was only part of their Christmas advent calendar for 2015, so this exact shade isn’t readily available anymore. However, Essence do some great nail polishes at an affordable price, which I can recommend if you’re looking for a dark red nail polish at a budget.

Maybelline Red Seduction


One of my oldest nail polishes in the bunch is this Maybelline shade. I’m not sure whether this is still available, but there is a reason why this particular nail polish has survived many different declutters over the years. The formula is great and despite this being quite old, it hasn’t gone gloopy yet. It’s very similar to the Essence polish, but a hair less pink and more neutral.

Bourjois Cerise Noir


Cerise Noir, or Black Cherry, is the correct name for this color. A blackened red, this is one of my favorite fall/ winter polishes to wear on my toe nails. Not only is this a stunning shade, it is also easy to apply as you need just one coat. Moreover it lasts a good while on the nail as well. The Bourjois So Laque polishes were some of my first favorites as they were the first nail polishes I’d found that truly lasted.

Essie Bordeaux


One of my newer favorite brands is Essie. My first Essie polishes weren’t a huge success and when I swatched Bordeaux I was afraid it would be as disappointing as some of the first ones I’d tried. It appeared sheer at first, but luckily this goes on opaque after a second coat and looks stunning and glossy all at the same time. This has been one of my favorite nail polishes to wear this winter.

Sally Hansen Wine Not


The only gel nail formula here is also the darkest shade in the bunch. Wine Not is THE color I would invest in if you’re looking to buy into the Miracle Gel line. It certainly isn’t a cheap option as you need the shade as well as the special top coat to make this work. But it is well worth it. I love how deep and intense this is and usually shades like this are difficult to maintain and look nice. Because of the special gel formula this stays on for a week with only minor signs of wear. A great option if you need your nail polish to last!

What dark nail polish is your favorite?

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  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    Verry pretty colours!


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I love dark red nails.

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  3. Susan Avatar

    Zo mooi!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar


  4. Adryana Avatar

    I think my all time favourite dark nail polish is OPI Un-for-greta-bly Blue (those names… I can’t ever remember them lol). It’s a blue tone which can seem darker or lighter, depending how to light hits it. I wrote about it in my Top 5 nailpolish post too.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I love OPI names! It actually helps me to remember them.

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