Styling Dr. Marten’s

Dr. Marten’s are some of my favorite shoes, which is why I own 5 pairs. Five pairs that I love to wear and style up in different ways. Each pair has its own function in my wardrobe. From toughening up a look, to making a look more edgy or preppy: a pair of Docs can do it all. And yes, I will wear these with skirts and dresses. Curious to see how I wear these? Then keep on reading.

styling dr. marten's

5 pairs of Dr. Marten’s, 5 different outfits

I own 3 very identical pairs in different colors and finishes. The 1461 is my favorite shoe as it is comfortable and easy to wear. It goes with everything and that’s why I own a pair for the winter time in black and one for spring in brown. The brown pair is made of a lighter material and not as tough to break in as the others.

The patent leather pair of 1461s is one of my favorites to pair with skirts and dresses and the same goes for my pair of Charlottes. The 1460s are my least worn pair as they were so difficult to break in that they still give me blisters at times. Nevertheless I love playing up the burgundy shade in outfits and they are great in cold weather.

Preppy edge


Shirt | H&M
Black Joni jeans | Topshop
Black patent leather 1461 | Dr. Marten’s

This first outfit is one of my favorites straight away. The combination of a simple pair of jeans with a fun printed shirt just makes for a great outfit in my opinion. The shirt has a heart print and is the loveliest baby pink shade. It also has a cropped style, making this a perfect pairing with some super highwaisted jeans. The shoes add to the preppy vibes of the blouse and round off the outfit.

Comfy earthy tones


Green knit sweater | H&M
Stone wash Jamie jeans | Topshop
Tan Analine 1461 PW | Dr. Marten’s

Pairing earthy tones together is always a good idea. But there is something about this green combined with the brown shoes that just works for me. Perhaps a bit bland and neutral, but definitely a good colorful outfit if you’re not much into wearing color. The shoes not only add to the comfort but also give the outfit a more boyish vibe, which if you know me, I love.

Cool burgundy


Burgundy cardigan | ZARA
Black t-shirt | Forever 21
Grey ripped Jamie jeans | Topshop
Cherry 1460 | Dr. Marten’s

This is the typical outfit I wear with my 1460s. Since they are a dark red, I love pairing them with other dark red items. This burgundy cardigan is always a good contender, but any burgundy shirt, blouse, sweater and dress will do. All black outfits go well with is as well and I love how the burgundy contrasts against grey, which is why I went with the grey jeans for this one.

Flirty florals


Mustard yellow cardigan | Only
Floral dress | H&M
Cognac Charlotte | Dr. Marten’s

Who says you can’t pair Dr. Marten’s with a floral dress? I personally love the mix of a flirty floral dress and a chunky pair of boots. One pair of Dr. Marten’s I’d still like to own is the 1461 Pascal as it has a very soft leather and thus will be great to pair with more girly items. But for now I usually opt for my Charlottes. These brogue style shoes are again a lot more lightweight and therefore great for spring/ summer.

Tough girl


Rust colored top | H&M
Crushed velvet skater skirt | H&M
Black 1461 | Dr. Marten’s

My most worn pair of Docs are my black 1461s. They are incredibly chunky but I feel they toughen up any outfit. Since they aren’t too high and more like a shoe than a boot, they are a lot more versatile. They took ages to break in as these are made with that classic super durable leather Dr. Marten’s are known for. Yet still, I love wearing these with skirt and girly tops.

How do you style Dr. Marten’s?

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  1. I love that you own several of pairs of these! I haven’t purchased a pair for myself in years, but my daughter has a burgundy pair of the 1461s. If we wore the same size I would totally borrow them!

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