5 Wardrobe staples

There are these items in your wardrobe that you know you just can’t live without. In my case that goes for a few items that I love so much that I have them in several renditions. I figured that if my wardrobe could only exist of a handful of items (and not the random mess it is now) what would I love to wear and rewear time and time again. I selected 5.

wardrobe staples

My wardrobe staples

So this post is all about the items I cannot get enough of. If I could my wardrobe would only exist of these items. To me, they are basics, pieces that could never be missing and that I will purchase and repurchase till the end of days. Luckily for me, I have multiples of these so I’m sure I will not be running out of them any time soon.

The Flannel Shirt


Blue & red flannel | H&M

I love blouses in general, but plaid flannel shirts stole my heart over a decade ago and I’ve been wearing them ever since. The one in the picture is a particular favorite of mine as I love how the blue and red are set off against one another. I no longer own as many as I used to, but a red/ blue plaid flanner will forever be part of my wardrobe. They are casual and comfortable and work with jeans, skirt and even as a cardigan to keep you warm.

The Knit Sweater


Grey & black knit | Cheap Monday

My love affair with knitwear is also ongoing. I especially love lumpy knit sweaters that look not so flattering on perhaps, but that are just too comfortable not to love. This sweater in particular is one I love as the knit material is a heavy cotton. It’s not the warmest sweater ever, but it most certainly fits the bill. Plus it is a nostalgic piece, as I bought this while I was in Kopenhagen in 2014.

The Long Cardigan


Grey long cardigan | Urban Outfitters

Again cardigans in general are my favorite items to wear, but this long cardigan from Urban Outfitters is a particular favorite. The mottled grey goes with literally everything and this is one of those items that I know I can just throw on and will look good. I wear this continuously through the year. Not only to keep warm, but also because this is the softest thing ever. I wore it the other day with black jeans and a t-shirt, but I also love throwing this over a dress. The length makes it go perfectly with dresses.

The Red Dress


Red tiered skater dress | H&M

An item that will forever live in my wardrobe is a red dress. I love a bold color and I find that the easiest way to pull it off is in a dress. And red is my favorite bold color to wear. Why? Because it simply looks flattering on. With my pale skin and blonde hair, this shade simply works (it is also a lipstick color that works very well for me) and I can wear many different tones and shades of red without it looking weird. The dress here is a favorite as it is super easy to wear and works for so many different occasions.

The Black Shoe


Black 1461 Dr. Marten’s

If you saw last week’s blog post, then you know that I love a good pair of Dr. Marten’s. However, black shoes don’t have to be Dr. Marten’s for them to work. I own so many variations of a black shoe: boots, loafers, heels, ankle boots, brogues. You name it, but I find it works best with any outfit. Black is simply a staple shoe to own, but I wanted to list these Dr. Marten’s 1461 as they are my most worn as well.

What are your wardrobe staples?

11 responses to “5 Wardrobe staples”

  1. My staples are black jeans, casual H&M t-shirt (black or grey) ), kneehigh boots (with 7cm heels), and a cardigan 👌 Suitable for every occasion.

    • I wear heels occasionally, but I tend to walk nearly an hour every day to get to and from work, so I very often opt for comfort over style when it comes to shoes. Though I do sometimes bring my heels to work and then change them there.

  2. I’ve been wanting a red dress for ages! Just haven’t found one I like yet.
    My wardrobe staples are blazers, cardigans, jeans, trousers and good quality solid t-shirts.

    • I like doing these types of blog posts as it helps me to narrow things down. But I have to admit that I need a HUGE clearout. I can’t wait for springbreak because that’s exactly what I have planned. Hope to film it too!

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