Single eyeshadow collection

You know I love eyeshadow right? I already demonstrated my love for eyeshadow palettes in this video, but today I thought I’d show you my single collection too. Because sometimes it is just handy to grab for a single shadow that you don’t have in your palette, or just to add something a bit more fun. This is them!

single mono eyeshadow collection

All 64 (!!!) single shadow I own in one glorious flat lay

My love for monos?

I hadn’t realized how vast my collection of singles was until I put them all together for the photo. Monos are products that can easily clog your make up collection and I am well aware that I have dupes for these shades in some of my palettes. However, there are also quite some unique colors in here that I don’t have anywhere else.

Most of my monos are drugstore. There are only 6 high end brands in here. Everything else is or was widely available at some point. The brands that are most heavily represented are L’Oreal and Catrice: they make up the entire right and left hand side of the pictures. Kiko is a close second as I love their super shimmery water eyeshadows.

Only a handful of these I use on a regular basis though. There is a cream colored single by The Body Shop that I have loved for years and which shows major pan. Another favorite single is the bright purple/ blue by MUA: this looks great layered over black for an intense smokey eye. I also love my Burberry and MAC shadows as they are great staples to have.

The Collection

Let’s have a look at what’s in this picture shall we? I will go through them vertically, from left to right.


1. L’Oreal Infallible pressed pigments shadows. Sadly these are no longer sold in The Netherlands, but you can still get these if you travel. I bought some of mine in Germany and the States where they sell different colors. The infamous Amber Rush for instance was never released here. I dedicated this blog post to all the shades I own.

2. Bourjois & HEMA. Bourjois singles are some of the oldest I have. This is the make up I started off with and some of these definitely have to go. But I love the little pots they come in, no matter how chunky they are. The HEMA baked shadows are a great product, but oh so fragile. I had one break of its own accord a few months back, but they are stunning when you foil them with a wet brush. You can find the HEMA review here.

3. MAC, Make Up Store, H&M. I don’t own too many MAC singles, as I decided back in the early days to build my own MAC palette. This is why I only own two and both are difficult if not impossible to depot. Make Up Store is a brand I don’t know very well. I bought these two shadows to try them for the first time and then they disappeared from Amsterdam. My unexpected favorites are these H&M shadows. I love them and I reviewed them here.

4. MUA & Miscellaneous brands. Here is a section with mostly brands I only own one or two singles by. My favorite TBS shadow is here! I own 2 back ups of this as it was discontinued and I was able to grab them for just €1. Another favorite is the Burberry shadow at the bottom, which is my ultimate single shadow look shade. Other than this, this section includes Benefit, Maybelline and a German natural make up brand.

5. Accessorize, Famous, Essence, Kiko. Another quite miscellaneous bunch. The Accessorize and Famous shadows I have had for a long time. I never depotted them as they are baked shadows. The Famous one shattered one day and I love the color, but I barely use it as the packaging is now absolutely useless. The Essence 3D shadows are also an oldie but a goodie.

6. Kiko & Catrice. The Kiko Water eyeshadows are absolutely stunning, but I have yet to write up a review on these shades. The Catrice shadows here are some of the Wet N Dry formula and the Velvet Matte. None of these are shadows I reach for all that often, but nonetheless there are a few here I cannot go without. The black Catrice shadow for instance is one of the most interesting blacks as it has copper, silver and gold sparkles running through it.

7. Covergirl, Revolution, Rimmel & L’Oreal. The final miscellaneous set. The two Rimmel shadows look super basic in the pan, but once on the lid, they are absolutely gorgeous. Again, some of my favorite one shadow look shades. Shadows that stand out negatively in this bunch are the L’Oreal Color Riche Ombre shadows. I wrote a review in 2015 and I liked them upon first try, but I just never grab for these as they are so basic.

8. Catrice. The final set of monos is for just Catrice. There are a few from their regular line, a few from the Prêt à Lumière and the Liquid Metals lines. I wrote an overview post of all of my Liquid Metal shadows as I love these but never formally reviewed them. Why did you discontinue these Catrice, why? They replaced them with the abysmal Prêt à Lumière shadows, which aren’t half as good.

What is your favorite single shadow?

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  1. Wauw! Wat een collectie! Ik heb wel wat oogschaduwpalettes in huis, maar ik denk dat mijn mono’s op twee handen te tellen zijn! 🙂 Wel een prachtige collectie!

    • I love palettes. But I love eyeshadow in general. These need a good sorting out too though. I have too many shades I already own in palettes or that I simply don’t even like.

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