Music of the Moment | February 2017 – revisiting old favorites

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you may remember that I went through the entire alphabet listing all of my absolute favorite songs. This Music ABC took me nearly 2 years to post, but unfortunately it was far from complete. There is simply too much great music out there to capture in 5 x 27 blog songs. Which is why it was time to go over some ultimate favorites again. And what better time to do this, than right when I’m about to finish sifting through all 18,000+ songs on my laptop to build a new playlist?

Sia – Breathe Me

Sia’s Breathe Me is one of those songs that calms me right down. It’s a touch sad, but I tend to enjoy sad music to help me to settle down after a long day at work. One of her older songs, this is one of those tracks people familiar with Chandelier may not know just yet. If that’s you, please check it out.

Johnny Flynn – The Box

I went through a major folk phase a few years ago. Artists such as Laura Marling and very very early Mumford and Sons were some of my favorites as was Johnny Flynn. The Box is one of my faves by him. This upbeat song just puts a smile on my face whenever I need a pick me up.

David Gray – Draw the Line

In a similar vein, this track by David Gray is another one of those staples in my playlist. I’ve known this track for years and don’t even remember how I came round this artist in the first place. I’m not even sure what this song is about. In any case, I love the sound of it and that’s what matters most.

Lady Gaga – Dance in the Dark

An artist I think everybody knows: Lady Gaga’s Dance in the Dark has long been my favorite song by her. It’s got a thumping beat, that classic Gaga feel and a catchy tune to it as well. It’s a bit darker than some of her earlier tracks and this was on The Fame Monster, so again not one of her biggest hits. But sometimes a song just gets you going and that’s what I love about this one.

The Foundations – Build me up Buttercup

Just like a folk phase, I also had a 60s soul/ Motown/ doowop type of phase. I don’t know, it’s complicated, but I became fascinated by the sugary sweet lyrics, harmonizing vocals and catchy choruses. Build me up Buttercup is definitely one for the archives and I bring it out at times, especially in spring/ summer. This song is just good weather in a song!

Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl

My foray into indie music had a rough start. I remember listening to this track in my hotel room in Chicago years ago. I thought this was the coolest track ever, but I wasn’t exactly an early adapter. Released at a time when Ipods were the newest gadget and a resurgence of Britpop come the mid 2000s, I feel this song nicely sums up what I was listening to nearly 15 years ago.

Muse – Knights of Cydonia

I have a love/ hate relationship with Muse. I loved their first two albums and then they became huge and they fell of my radar. I relearned to love Muse through Guitar Hero. I bought myself a Wii and eventually Guitar Hero 3 and remember finishing that game in a solid day. This track was part of the soundtrack and it made me realize what great solid songs Muse has in their catalogue. I’ve been going back to this every since.

Jimmy Eat World – Futures

My student years were also marked by a profound love for all things rock music. This particular track by Jimmy Eat World was one of my staples during my exchange in the US. I listened to loads of emo rock type music: All American Rejects, Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy were all bands that were hot and happening and little know in Europe. Having access to a US IP opened up my music world like you wouldn’t believe it and many of these tracks remind me of my stay in the US.

Holy Holy – History

A track that could not be missing from this months Music of the Moment is this track by Holy Holy. It had been a long time since I put a song on repeat for days. And it just so happened to this one. I have had this track for more than 2 years and knew it well, but it suddenly popped on my shuffle one day and I became addicted. The slow meandering song has a super catchy vibe and a great build up. Two things I love about any good track.

Hadouken! – Lost

My final ‘oldie’ but goodie is this track by Hadouken. Any band that names itself after move in the Street Fighter games fusing grime, wicked beats and great samples (sometimes of other video games) will grab my attention. Sadly they have disbanded and are no longer making music but this track still gets me pumped any time.

What are some of your all time favorite tracks?

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    • Haha tell me about it! I love music. My shortlist is close to 2000 songs long. I could share 10 songs every day for a year on here and still not be done with all the music I love.

  1. I enjoy reading about people’s music lists!
    Mine’s fairly eclectic but mostly well-known songs. One that I like is Delta Spirit “California”:

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