Ode to… flannel shirts

I love me a good flannel shirt! I listed it as one of my wardrobe staples last week and today’s blog post is solely dedicated to my love for all things flannel shirts. Not only are they versatile and easy to wear but they are also timeless and work for both men and women. Here’s why I love flannel shirts so much.

ode to flannel shirts

Let’s sing the praises of the flannel shirt!


My main reason for loving flannel shirts is how easy they are to throw on with just about anything. I wear them as a cardigan to keep warm in the summer time and they go well with dresses, skirts and many other pieces in my wardrobe. During fall/ winter, I love to pair them with jeans and wear them by themselves or with a t-shirt underneath for a more flowy vibe. See what I mean in this 2015 lookbook and this spring/ summer set of random outfits I posted last July.

Depending on how you wear it, a flannel shirt can work is so many different ways. I like the fit to be baggy and oversized at all times and one of my flannel shirts is actually a men’s shirt from Primark. Not only does that make for the ultimate I-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend’s-wardrobe-but-not-really look, but it also adds a touch of masculinity to an outfit and you know how much I love doing that.

Never goes out of style

That a flannel shirt will never go out of style is how easily you can find these year round. You don’t have to go to an outdoor activities store to find them either. H&M, ZARA, Only, ASOS: all the regular places stock these and if you know what to look for, they will have a quality that lasts. My earliest lookbook post featuring a flannel shirt dates back more than 2 years ago, but I also featured it in an infamous post where I tried to recreate some Jean Paul Gaultier outfit after going to see the exhibition with my mom back in 2013.

I have had flannel shirt in my wardrobe for years on end and for some time I became madly obsessed with them. At one point nearly all the blouses I owned were flannel shirts, that’s how obsessed I was. A plaid pattern is my favorite rendition, especially if it has reds and blues, but I discovered through trial and error that there are many flattering versions out there. The key to finding the right one for you? Just try it on and see if the color scheme and the plaid pattern work for you.

Amps up any outfit

The main reason why I think everybody should own at least one flannel shirt (and not 10 like I do), is because it simply takes an outfit to the next level. Just throw on a flannel shirt and you instantly add a layer of interest to an outfit. And for those monochrome lovers out there, you don’t have to go for a crazy colored one to enjoy a good flannel, as I demonstrated in this white lookbook.

Pairing a more toned down flannel shirt can also work when you add other, more colorful items to your outfit. In this lookbook, I paired a cream flannel shirt with a petrol colored faux suede skirt. The flannel adds a much needed pattern to keep the outfit from boring. And that’s why I believe that a flannel shirt simply works: it adds interest, texture and pattern to an outfit, which makes it come alive and more fun to wear.

How do you like to wear your flannel shirts?

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  1. YES…FLANNEL LOVE! I can not have enough flannel shirts and they are an absolute staple in my wardrobe as well. My love of flannel plaid shirts morphed into an obsession with plaid shirts years ago and now I can’t remember any season, within the past few years, where I have not had at least a dozen season appropriate flannel and/or plaid blouses in my closet.

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