Jean Paul Gaultier Inspired Outfits

Last week I visited the fashion exhibition: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier at Kunsthal in Rotterdam. This exhibition has gone around the world and is currently at its last stop before it is discontinued. It shows an overview of all the iconic looks Jean Paul Gaultier created during his career and to say I became inspired would be an understatement.

From the infamous blue & white stripe, to cone bras and peacock feather jackets: it is all there. The funny thing is while walking around the extravagant mermaid gowns and unwearable bodysuits, I found that there are plenty of elements of all of the outfits on show that I had lying about in my closet. Jean Paul Gaultier is fascinated by corsets (check), fishnet tights (check), over the knee socks (check), lace (check), the blue & white stripe (check), leather (check) and most importantly of course: the mixture of feminine and masculine into one outfit.

Before I show you the outfits I created with whatever it was that I had lying in my closet, there is something you should know about me. I didn’t used to be a very girly girl. Instead of annoying my parents by wearing shirts that showed off my belly button and wearing tons of make up, I opted for something completely different: looking like a boy. I cut off my hair when I was 14 and had a shorter do than most men (which I then proceeded to dye in many different colors). I shopped in the boy’s section, wore dungarees 9 out of 10 times and me and my combat boots were inseparable. I didn’t start to dress like a girl, or woman if you’d like, until I was well into college and got my first real job.

Knowing this, it may not come as a surprise to you that I have always proceeded to mix and match girly styles with a boyish element. I love baggy shirts and sweaters that drown out my figure almost more than cute skater dresses that highlight all my assets. On ‘off days’ I still throw on the baggiest sweater I can find and pair it with some chunky boots or sneakers. Oh and those combat boots? Well, let’s just say I can’t get myself to throw those away either, as some of the next few pictures will prove.

On to the outfits. Now one thing you must keep in mind is that these are inspired outfits. I don’t have the means or items that allow me to exactly copy the looks Jean Paul Gaultier created. It just reminded me of how much fun you can have with clothes if you combine them in unexpected ways. Plus these outfits will all cost a fraction of the JPG ones. ๐Ÿ˜‰ To answer the most obvious question: Would I wear any of this in real life? Nah, don’t think so. Too out there and risky when you’re a teacher. But hey, I had fun putting these together and posing for my camera once again! I hope you enjoy them too.

Outfit #1: Tough & girly

– Blue & red checked flanel shirt (H&M)

– Black faux leather biker jacket (C&A)

– The tulle skirt is in fact a dress of which the top has sequins, which you can see in full here. (H&M)

– Lacy knee high socks (Primark)

– Standard issue military combat boots (Dutch army store)

Outfit #2: Corset & lace

– Light denim chambray shirt (C&A)

– Black corset top with zipper (H&M)

– Lace skirt (Vero Moda)

– Fishnet tights (Claire’s)

– Black biker boots (Van Haren)

Outfit #3: Ay ay sailor

– Navy blue & white striped top (H&M)

– Black pleather shorts (H&M Divided)

– Black suspenders (H&M men’s section

– Lace tights (Pieces)

– Black platform mary jane heels (H&M)

If you have a chance to still go see the exhibition, then do it! It runs till May 2013 at Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Also stay tuned if you’re curious about the make up I’m wearing in these pictures. I will show you the details in tomorrow’s post.

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