Random outfits #4

Over the past few months I have gathered a few outfits that I liked again. These are usually spur of the moment decisions, hence the mirror pictures, rather than proper posing. I usually take these 2 seconds before I head out the door to work. But these are still outfits I want to share with you. As applicable to my style, the outfits are a mix of dresses and jeans & blouse combinations.

I wore a real hodgepodge of outfits!

My criteria for outfits is to have lots of fun with them. In today’s post there is a surprising amounts of prints. I blame the somewhat nicer weather. Summer time always makes me want to wear more prints and colors. I wore a few outfits with a black base, but I always changed it up with a print or a brighter pop of color. I also got round to wearing 2 of my favorite dresses. One I bought 1 or 2 years ago and just hadn’t had a chance to share it yet, the other is brand new and I bought just recently. Right, let’s get to the outfits!

Asos Palm tree print dress
H&M Grey booties
H&M Cream cardigan

Meet one of my favorite dresses! I had been wanted a palm tree dress for a while and then I found this on Asos some time ago. I think 2 summers ago. It is not by Asos own brand and was a complete random find, but I absolutely love it. It is a 100% cotton dress which fits like a glove. It is sleeveless so I often wear it with a thin cardigan. I kept the shoes neutral as I didn’t want to take away from the colors and print of the dress.

H&M Yellow ribbed long sleeved high neck sweater
Forever 21 Faux leather aviator jacket
Topshop Joni jeans in medium dark acid wash
Dr. Marten’s PW 1460 in Tan Analine

This outfit was a complete spur of the moment decision. No make up and just running some errands I wanted a comfortable and fuss free outfit. I threw my aviator jacket on top and thought it finished off the outfit quite nicely. I am also in love with one of my latest additions to my Dr. Marten’s family. These PW 1460’s are made of a much more lightweight material, which makes them perfect for wearing during warmer months.

Closet via Asos Ombre floral pleated dress
Primark Loafer flats

I showed this dress in my recent Summer Fashion Picks video. It is hands down one of my favorite finds in a long time. Not only is it one of the most flattering pieces in my wardrobe, I also adore the color scheme and overall print. Because of the way the colors and print run over the dress, I think it accentuates my features in all the right places. The high cut boat neck & cap sleeves suit me very well and the full, pleated skirt makes this dress so much more unique.

H&M Grey tank top
Primark Men’s flannel shirt
Topshop Binx jeans
Dr. Marten’s PW 1461 Tan Analine

Outfit no. 2 with my current favorite shoes! They go with almost everything and I especially like wearing them with highwaisted jeans. The Binx jeans were only on sale for a short while, but they are one of my comfiest pairs of jeans. The only think I would change about this outfit are the socks. I should have worn a sneaker sock with this to show some more ankle. Other than that, I think this outfit goes perfectly with my more tom boyish looks. And I truly dig that flannel shirt.

Topshop Pleated black & white striped trousers
Forever 21 Black button down
New Look Black loafers

This is quite possibly not to everyone’s taste, but I really liked the way this outfit came out. It is the only monochrome outfit in the bunch and I like how the pleated pant break up the outfit and make it a bit more fun and interesting. I bought the trousers not sure how I would wear them and then decided I just should. They come up a bit long on me, but still show quite a bit of ankle. Paired with a silky shirt, this look mostly resembles wearing PJs. So so comfy!

H&M Heart print cropped blouse
H&M Black tank top
Topshop Leigh jeans in black
Dr. Marten’s Black patent leather 1461

For the last outfit, I have something more wearable again. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Topshop Leigh jeans. Since they are thinner than the Jamie’s they are a lot better for warmer days. This black number I bought last year and didn’t get to wear much at the time. However, since the weather has been quite drab and dreary, I am now getting lots of wear out of it. And for some reason I like pairing black jeans with this top. It has a heart print, which give the whole outfit a more girly, playful vibe. It keeps the outfit from becoming to masculine in my opinion.

Which outfit is your favorite?

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