10x happy summer songs

Summer time is made by some sunny summer songs. And even though it might have been raining buckets and we haven’t had much of a summer to speak of, I still enjoy my summer tracks. So I thought to spread that summer love and select 10 songs that put summer on my mind and give that instant feel of sunrays on your skin. I’ve selected some new, as well as some old favorites. Pour yourself a pina colada, sit back and relax!

The Eagles aren’t featured in this blog post.
I just thought the sleeve of Hotel California would be perfect for a summer music themed blog post.

Now not all of these tracks perhaps have you lounging next to your pool or on the beach. Some songs are also perfect for hot summer festivals, or perhaps even for your upcoming road trip. Nothing says summer than a good dose of traveling (I will be doing some myself)

Coasts – Let Go

This happy tune is for sure going to be a festival favorite. In a sense this reminds me of Foals’ My Number, but a little less happy/ go lucky and a bit more rhythmically pleasing. Watch out, because this will have you singing along in an instant!

NAO – Girlfriend

I think I’m having a girl crush. This chick is amazeballs and I just found out about here. NAO can be best described as R&B, but with an elektronic twist. If you like FKA Twigs you’ll like this one! The first time I heard this, I couldn’t help but compare the two. This is a little less eclectic and artistic than FKA Twigs’ tunes, but still has a very satisfying beat drop on each line in the chorus. Oh and did I already mention how this track just makes me want to chill on the beach? With cocktails?

Adam Santoya – Up

A relaxed, chilled vibe track that is perfect for a hot summer day. I love the break beats that happen at seemingly random, very unexpected intervals. For strutting your stuff on the street while sipping an iced latte from your favorite coffee shop.

Rascal Flatts – Fast Cars and Freedom

Looking for that perfect road trip music? Then Rascal Flatts is THE way to go. This country group has some of the best singalong-open top-let your hair down type of songs. Fast Cars and Freedom is one of my favorites. I first fell in love with their tracks when I was on exchange in the US so their songs definitely hold some dear memories to me. And they make for some excellent choices to make many more. Warning: will have you sing at the top of your lungs in minutes.

Amerigo Gazaway – Summertime

When a song is called Summertime, then you know it will be applicable to a post like this! A slow jam that is heavily inspired on some jazz and funk tunes, this laid back track is perfect for lazy summer days. Best part, unless my ears deceive me, this track seems to sample Summertime by the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff, or at least heavily influenced by it.

Rose Quartz – Leaving Now

Don’t let this one fool you! What starts as a laid back, simple piano type tune is quickly amped up with some guitars and a bit more of a beat. As it continues, it slowly but surely develops more of a dance like feel. I think this is a very clever track. Personally I like a good track that goes in a totally different direction than what you might think at first. I already shared this last year when I first found this, but this track is too good not to share again.

DIIV – Doused

How can I make a blog post and not share a track of one of the ultimate festival bands? I may never have seen DIIV live, but they have built up quite the reputation by now. What I wouldn’t give to hear this shoegaze track live! It has everything a good guitar driven spaced out track needs. Their newest album is also worth a listen and one of my favorite albums of 2016, but this classic just cannot be beat!

Fews – Ill

On to one of my newer favorites! This track by Fews has been blasting through my speakers lately and is a step up from DIIV. With more of of a post punk, 80s grunge vibe, this track is probably not your first pick for a ‘happy’ summer song. But this track makes me so freaking happy every time I hear it! The lyrics are minimal and the guitar riffs combined with the thumping rhythms drives this track along right till the middle when it changes up and becomes a whole lot more experimental. With only glimpses of the original melody lines peeking through, the track takes a slightly different turn and has some weird sound effects that give it a much more industrial feel. This Is My Jam!

Tennis – Origins

Another song I haven’t shared in a while is Tennis’ Origins. This is one of my go to happy songs! I don’t know what makes me feel so happy from one song, but it must be the surfy vibes. Add in some cute vocals and a retro feel and I’m game. It has a very 60s surf sound feel without sounding dated. Out of all the songs in this list I think this is the closest to a pop track that I am sharing with you.

Chet Faker x Saint WKND – Lover (Original Mix)

Let’s end this post with a song that is another oldie but goodie. An upbeat little number that has you stepping to that beat in no time. Add some vocals by the ever delicious Chet Faker and you have a good combination of a slightly more uptempo chillwave and a happy go lucky summery vibe. A good note to end this blog on.

What are your favorite summer songs?

5 responses to “10x happy summer songs”

  1. Hmmmm ik leef zeker onder een steen, ik ken vrijwel geen enkel nummer! Haha. Leuk om zo wat nieuwe liedjes te ontdekken. Ik vind in de auto vaak ook af en toe een foute hit uit mijn jeugd super leuk om mee te blèren. ( Take That, happy hardcore- I know, heel fout! ). Ik vind Dotan ook heerlijk in de auto.

  2. This list is awesome! I haven’t heard several of these, but my ears were happy to listen. My favorite summer songs are usually embarrassingly generic pop, but I’ll never get enough Florence + The Machine Dog Days.

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