Lookbook: Spring trends in my wardrobe

With a new season comes new trends. And I found out that I already own quite a lot of the spring fashion trends. Like I did last year, I figured it would be fun what the current spring trends are and how I would wear them. Where last year, I just took some pictures of all the different items, I decided to make a look book incorporating as many trends as I could. Of course not every trend suits my liking, but I created 5 outfits that I think suit me and the current fashion trends.

5 outfits incorporating 7 spring fashion trends

So what are those spring 2016 fashion trends exactly? I had a browse and found that 70s inspired suede and denim are having a huge moment. Florals and blown up plaid prints are also on trend, as well as marled knits, the color orange, anything lace and ruffly, pleats, the color pink and anything with a cold or bare shoulder. I managed to use 7 of these trends in my outfits. Ruffles and pleats are not my cup of tea per se, as is the color pink, but everything else I have managed to show you today.

1.) Spring florals

Floral print wiggle dress (Asos)
Black opaque tights (Primark)
Black heels (Tube)

I am not a big fan of ruffles and adornments, but when it comes to prints I am always game. This blown up, almost graphic tulip print has a fun periwinkle color palette which I think is perfect for spring. Because of the black base this can easily be worn with both black tights for a more wintery feel, but paired with a nude heels and bare legs, it is also perfect for warmer days. I especially love the fit of this dress as it accentuates all the right places and highlights my curves in a good way. Great spring item and totally on trend because of the print.

2.) Orange, lace and marled knits

Burnt orange lace dress (Mango)
Marled grey knit cardigan (Urban Outfitters)
Pointed boots with snake skin print back (Invito)
Black opaque tights (Primark)

Yep, this second outfit is hitting 3 trends in one go. I am not a big fan of the color orange, but I own a few pieces that I love. This dress being one of them. I have had it for years and it is one item that always makes for a good conversation starter. I mean, an orange, lace dress isn’t your most everyday article of clothing. In some lights this pulls a tad reddish and in some it looks brighter, which is why it is not too orange and suits me pretty well. The cardigan and shoes tone down the rest of the outfit a little bit and I like pairing neutral with an in your face staple piece such as this dress.

3.) Large plaid & suede

Plaid flannel shirt (H&M)
Petrol suede skirt with front zip (H&M)
Grey ankle boots (H&M)
Black opaque tights (Primark)

This lookbook only features 2 newly purchased items. Everything else I already owned, some of it for years. The items in this outfit are fairly new. I bought the shoes on sale last summer. The shirt was a fall purchase. The newest item here is the skirt. I bought this petrol suede skirt on sale last January I believe. I am still planning on making a collective fashion haul again sometime soon, so keep an eye out for that. Oh and in line with tradition: this outfit is all H&M, which seem to happen to me in every lookbook I create.

4.) Denim

Grey thin knit sweater (Forever 21)
Denim a-line skirt with button up front (H&M)
Leopard print Chelsea boots (H&M)
Black opaque tights (Primark)

Denim is a trend I think will speak to most people. It is easy to get your hands on, comes in so many different renditions and shades, which makes it doable for anyone. I have been noticing that the most trendy denim pieces are not just any old denim. It is a throwback to the traditional indigo denim color. The deeper, the better it seems. And it goes nicely with that 70s trend that has been going on. Because I like combining thin knits with a-line skirts, I decided to go for that here, but you could pair this with almost any top you already have.

5.) Cold shoulder

Cold shoulder striped t-shirt (Primark)
Grey ripped Jamie jeans (Topshop)
Crocodile print black ankle boots (H&M)

My final outfit features the most difficult trend for me to get right. In recent years, cut outs in different places have been trendy and I find that if you’re not a very standard size, those cut outs will simply come up in the wrong places. Another difficulty with this trend is that you need the right under garments to make it work if you’re going for that bare shoulder a la Brigitte Bardot look. I’ve been trying many tops, but this one works just fine. I love how it has the cut out shoulder, but is a bit more edgy with the stripes and baggy fit.

What spring trends are you wearing this year?

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  1. HI i was wondering how the outfits look after i watch your youtube channel!. You look great!.;Personally i can’t wear skirts because my legs are too thick and i am in fact very short person. LOVE the passion you have for your craft! Keep doing it!

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