Catrice Soft Blossom floral scented nail polish

Scented nail polish? Yup it’s back, at least if it is up to Catrice that is. A few years ago scented polishes were a thing, but they seemed to have gone out of style as quickly as they came onto the scene. I still have a Revlon polish that smells like spices and the only reason why I’ve kept that is because I love the color of it. I haven’t been buying much nail polish lately, hence lack of nail polish reviews, but this intrigued me enough to try it. How do I feel about the new Catrice Soft Blossom polishes?

catrice soft blossom nail polish floral scent review swatch

Catrice Soft Blossom nail polish 03 Flower Berrybouquet

I am not even sure why I decided to pick this up or why this interested me. The color is pretty however: it appears to be a pinky magenta shade and that is something I do not own yet (can you believe it? A nail polish color I do not have?). One polish retails for €2.99 and there are 6 shades available. Each shade appears to be inspired by a floral color such as roses, tulips, and cherry blossom. I have the shade Flower Berrybouquet.

catrice soft blossom nail polish floral scent review swatch

Flower Berrybouquet is a pinky toned magenta, but it pulls more berry in certain lights as you will see in the swatch picture below. It definitely appears deeper on the nail than in the bottle. It is not as bright and bold as you might expect. This dries down to a more muted, but therefore also a more wearable finish.

catrice soft blossom nail polish floral scent review swatch

I like the brush on this nail polish. It is small but precise and it allows for a mostly even application. This wasn’t streaky, but because the polish is very thin, it did have a tendency to start running everywhere. With two coats of polish this went on opaque and staying power was decent with a base and top coat. This didn’t last close to a week as some of my Catrice polishes, but a good 4 – 5 days with only tip wear is decent enough to me.

catrice soft blossom nail polish floral scent review swatch

Now you’re wondering of course: Maaike, what about that scent? When I swatched it on my nail wheel I could definitely detect a strong floral scent. Unfortunately it is not one of those pleasant floral scents, but more like an air freshener floral scent. Luckily, if applied onto the nail with a top coat on top, the scent is far less noticeable. Only after a day or 2 as the top coat started to wear off did I notice a subtle hint of a floral smell on my nails.

The Conclusion

This is a decent enough nail polish. I don’t care much for the smell of this, but luckily it doesn’t really show up if you wear a top coat on top. The wear time is decent enough and if there is a shade in this range that particularly tickles your fancy than you will have a great polish to play with that doesn’t break the bank.

Would you want to try a floral scented polish?

12 responses to “Catrice Soft Blossom floral scented nail polish”

  1. Oh lijkt me lekker haha, nagellak met een geurtje. Jammer dat die niet zo lekker is, maar de kleur is wel mooi hoor!

  2. Toen ik naar het flesje keek had ik hem iets lichter verwacht. Maar nog steeds geen slechte kleur.

  3. I like the bottle design of this polish! And yes, I quite enjoy scented polishes. The first one I ever got was a grape scent, then Revlon came out with some fruity scented ones. Also, all of Ana Sui and Paul & Joe’s polishes are scented, like flowers.

    • My only other scented polish is by Revlon and it smells like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg! It’s really nice actually and the shade is perfect for fall.

  4. Oooh zo chique! Ik vind het leuk dat Catrice allesbehalve goedkoop oogt, en dit doet me heel erg denken aan de geparfumeerde Revlon en Bottega Verde lakjes – eentje daarvan ruikt zogenaamd naar viooltjes, en vind ik ook niet echt fijn (en wat weg hebben van luchtverfrissergeur, haha). Het idee is desalniettemin superleuk, en de kleur is prachtig!

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