Styling chunky knit sweaters

I absolutely adore chunky knit sweaters. And even though I’m praying so hard for spring to arrive (I’m so done with grey days, snow, sleet, ice, rain and wind), it may be a few weeks before temperatures start to rise. In fact, it can remain quite cold here until well into May (let’s just hope it doesn’t), so chunky knit sweaters are staple in my wardrobe and for good reason. Because chunky knits can be hard to style up, I thought I’d show you some of my favorite chunky knit combinations.

styling chunky knit sweaters

5 chunky knits = 5 outfits

The Orange Knit

styling chunky knit sweaters

orange sweater | H&M
black skirt | H&M
studded booties | Sacha

Now this orange knit sweater is one that everybody loves whenever I show this on the blog or in real life. This is quite easily one of my most worn sweaters, yet orange isn’t exactly my favorite color to wear. This may very well be the only orange item in my wardrobe to begin with, so go figure. I love pairing this sweater with a super tight black pencil skirt and some cool boots. The sleek skirt adds a feminine touch, while the boots keep the outfit edgy and cool.

The Stripey Knit

styling chunky knit sweaters

stripey sweater | Cheap Monday
acid wash grey jeans | Cheap Monday
burgundy boots | Dr. Marten’s

This combo is one of those standard ones that I keep coming back to. I bought the jeans and sweater simultaneously when I was in Copenhagen. So not only are they a pretty cool combo, but there is some nostalgia linked to this outfit to boot. I love the look of the mottled grey jeans and the slouchy looking sweater. It is so 90s grunge and I imagine this is what I would have worn if I’d have been old enough to go to a Nirvana concert. To break up the grey and black color scheme, I think this outfit is a perfect pairing with my burgundy Dr. Marten’s.

The Mustard Knit

styling chunky knit sweaters

mustard sweater | H&M
blue jeans | Topshop Jamie
brown brogues | Dr. Marten’s

Mustard isn’t an easy color to pull off, but if you happen upon the right one for you it can be a great staple. This mustard knit is one of my absolute favorites. It is not too baggy, nor too fitted and I love the shade this gives. Again I love pairing my Docs with my sweaters and I love the combination of brown and mustard as they really compliment one another. I rounded off the outfit with a pair of blue jeans for some contrast.

The Cabled Knit

styling chunky knit sweaters

navy cable knit | H&M
mustard jeans | Bershka
leopard print bootie | H&M

I love a good cable knit sweater and by now I own a few that have this distinct pattern. This boxy fit navy number was one of the first ones I bought. Since cable knit can easily become too stuffy looking, it took a while for me to find the shape and fit I liked and this sweater combines both. Since I love the clash of blue and yellow so much, I decided to pair this sweater with my trusty mustard jeans. For added interest, I opted for a leopard print boot: they compliment the color of the jeans, but add some much needed texture to the look.

The Preppy Knit

styling chunky knit sweaters

burgundy blouse | Pieces
cream knit | H&M
polka dot skirt | H&M
burgundy brogues | Bronx

This final outfit is one that is girly, preppy and cute, yet not too overly cutesy at the same time. I love the combination of cream, black and burgundy. The cream keeps it fresh, the burgundy adds some warmth and the black keeps it from getting too out of hand. Paired with black tights this is a great outfit to wear for lunch of dinner. And you know me, I cannot wear a girly outfit without adding a manly touch, so I had to pair this with my burgundy brogues to keep things for getting too lolita.

How do you wear your chunky knit sweaters?

10 responses to “Styling chunky knit sweaters”

  1. Hahah, ik herken de eerste trui (die ik in het grijs heb) en de navy (die ik in de klassieke H&M-bordeauxkleur heb), dus ik ben zeker fan! Ik ben een stuk saaier in combineren dan jij, wel, met een standaard “uniform” van zwarte leggings of een donkere skinny, en lompe gympen of pistol boots. Je brogues zijn heel erg gaaf!

  2. Great post! You’re right I often find chunky knits difficult to style so some inspiration is great! Really love the preppy knit – the colour combination works so well! 🙂

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