What I watch on Netflix

For the past year or so I’ve had a subscription to Netflix. I found myself watching more and more TV series and fewer movies and signing up was a natural next step. So these past months I’ve been watching loads of Netflix series. Some of those original series, some are not. Here’s what I’ve been watching.

what I watch on netflix


This series tells the tale of Pablo Escobar and how he climbed to the top of the Columbian crime world. A gruesome tale yet one that is engaging to watch from start to finish. From the DEA that tries to catch him to the story of Pablo himself: this leaves no stone unturned and shows excellently what his effect was on those around him, himself but also an entire nation. This is not one if you don’t like excessive amounts of violence. If you are however into thrilling rides that keeps you watching more and more and more, then this is a great place to start.

what I watch on netflix

Luke Cage

Netflix has a decent mount of Marvel Universe movies and TV series as part of its listings and I love me some Marvel. Luke Cage must have been my favorite series so far. I also watched Daredevil and liked it, but for some reason I preferred Luke Cage whose super power is that he is bulletproof. Not only that, but he is mainly just a kindhearted man who really wants no beef with anyone. It also features Mahershala Ali who just won an Oscar for his supporting role in Moonlight (who is also in another Netflix series I love: House of Cards). If you like superheroes, but with a more humane twist to it, then this one is for you.

what I watch on netflix

The Crown

On a completely different note there is The Crown. My mom recommended this to me. She loves a good dose of historical drama, especially if it concerns royal families it seems. But she was right: this is a great series. Where Narcos and Luke Cage are incredibly fast paced, this most certainly isn’t. Following the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she ascends the British throne and has a lot of figuring out and growing up to do, this series tells the tale of life as a royal. With a husband who cheats, and men surrounding her who think they all know better than she does, Elizabeth is determined to do her utmost and be the best queen she can be. With an excellent John Lithgow and Matt Smith as Winston Churchill and Prince Philip respectively.

what I watch on netflix

Shadow Hunters The Mortal Instruments

After a rather failed attempt at turning the Shadow Hunters canon into successful movies, a team of creators has decided to take on turning this into a series instead. This is a lot better well gelled together than the movie (which is also on Netflix) and I enjoyed the first season. Against common Netflix protocol this series is uploaded once very week and so I’ve been waiting for all of season 2 to be up before I watch the rest of it. If you don’t know this series follows Clary as she founds out she is a Shadow Hunter. If you’re into something action packed with a dose of instalove, otherwise known as brainless fodder, then this is a great escape.

what I watch on netflix

Planet Earth

My latest obsession and what sparked my wanting to write this post is Planet Earth. Narrated by the exquisite David Attenborough, this series details life on earth and all its underlying mechanisms. I fell so utterly in love with this that I have also finished watching Blue Planet and am currently making my way through Life and I plan on watching all other series too. The images are stunning and you see nature in ways you’ve never seen before. Plus I find this wildly relaxing. I marvel at the images on the screen, yet the combination of colorful images, well chosen music and David Attenborough’s narration makes this the best thing to watch after a long day at work.

What are your Netflix recommendations?

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    • I only watched one season of House. Liked it but thought the set up too ‘easy’. Haven’t watched the other too. So much Netflix, so little time

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