Most worn bags

I used to be really into bags, but in the past few years they just haven’t really sparked my interest. The bags you see here are pretty much the only ones I own as well. There are a few bags I own for occasional where, such as a clutch and a very small bag. I also have a larger sized leather satchel and I have some suitcases and backpacks that I use for travel. In short, I have definitely down sized my bag collection over the years and for the better I think. I now only own bags I actually like and use.

most worn bags

My most worn bags

When it comes to bags I like them to be practical and not too fussy. They need to have a good enough closure and they should have enough room to carry the things I need it to carry. So each bag here has a different function and I use them on different occasions and different days. There is a bag I use for running errands, one for work, etc. As you can see they are all in neutral colors, which means they go with anything.

The Leather Satchel

most worn bags

If you follow this space you will have seen this before. In fact, this is one of the longest running bags in my life time. I have had this bag since I was twelve. That’s right: this used to be my book bag and now I use it every day I go to work. It fits a packed lunch, a book for the train and other essentials quite easily. It doesn’t fit a laptop too, so I do also still keep my larger sized satchel around for that purpose. However, this usually gets the job done just fine.

The Tote Bag

most worn bags

I like a good tote. What I don’t like about them is that most do not have a closure. This one does though. It has a full length zip closure and is a great larger bag for those days where you need to carry a bit more. This used to be my work bag, but I now tend to use it if I am staying the night somewhere and I don’t need to bring much or if I’m away all day for a longer period of time. It is from H&M and my mom bought me this on one of our mother-daughter shopping sprees and I’ve had it for years. I’m surprised by how well this has held up.

The Fringe Bag

most worn bags

Fringe isn’t necessarily a trend thing anymore, but I love the boho vibe this gives. Because it is in black, I feel it’s a bit more timeless and less 70s if you know what I mean. this comes with a short and a long strap which means this is a very versatile bag. I usually use this if I’m going shopping or heading out to lunch. It is just big enough for your wallet, phone, a bottle of water or a snack, which is all I would be needing then. This is also an H&M purchase.

The Messenger Bag

most worn bags

This little cross body bag has served me well over the years. Again, I bought this years ago from H&M and I’m very sad to be letting this go very soon as it has started to literally fall apart. This bag was THE perfect running errands bag. The main reason being that it’s far more spacious than you’d expect. It is more like a black hole than anything else. The only annoying this about it was that the strap was sewn on wrong and I didn’t notice it until months after I bought it. So it would always twist awkwardly, but this is a bag that served me very well.

The Saddle Bag

most worn bags

When saddle bags had their moment last year, I snatched this one up from Mango. It was the first bag I’d bought in years. I bought it to replace the messenger bag above, but this is much more structured and therefore less roomy than that one. It does have a great functionality though as this is the perfect bag if all you’re bringing is your phone, wallet and keys. I usually wear this if I’m heading out for drinks or going to events. Just a smallish easy to wear bag that I can’t stand to miss in my bag collection.

What is your most worn bag?

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  1. I love that leather satchel – looks well loved! I am just imagining wee 12 yr old you lugging that thing around. XD
    That Messenger Bag colour and styling is right up my alley – would love to find something like that but made of actual leather so it can last a while. That’s the sad thing about getting “fast fashion” from H&M or Zara – great styling but not long lasting.
    My most worn bag is one from Roots (a Canadian leather goods store) called Mademoiselle, which is a messenger style bag. Looks like this but in black:

    • I’ve had that bag for nearly 20 years! I’ve invested in the bags that I wear the most, but for a small bag to just chuck on when I’m running errands, I don’t really mind the quality. It lasted me a good 5 years or so anyway.

  2. I never really got into the handbag craze. I use the same handbag every day & when it breaks down I purchase a new one. I believe I’ve had my current bag at least a year. I do have a wristlet & crossbody clutch that I use when a regular size handbag is inconvenient. Those were both gifts though! I think it’s something expect me to be into because I like fashion, but I like quality of quantity. I love that these bags are all unique, cool, & functional 😉

    • Thanks! I am very similar. I used to have a gazillion bags and ever only wore 3 or so. Which is why I like having a more curated selection by nowm

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