Harry Potter Tag

On Suszie’s blog, I found the Harry Potter Tag and the only thing I could wonder was: where have I been? Why didn’t I know about this? I am a huge Harry Potter fan so it was about time I filled in this tag. Without further ado: let’s get to the questions.

harry potter tag

Harry Potter tag

1.) Which is your favorite book?

Goblet of Fire or Order of the Phoenix. I feel those are the pivotal books in the series where the story really takes shape. I like the tournament aspect of Goblet of Fire. While Order of the Phoenix can seem to drag on for a bit due to its sheer length, I love the ending with the battle at the Ministry of Magic. That is hands down one of my favorite scenes in the series.

2.) Which is your favorite movie?

Half Blood Prince? I’m not sure. I love all the movies, but I think that by this movie they really nailed the special effects and I like how they portrayed Snape’s story line in the movie.

3.) Least favorite book?

I don’t have one? Probably the last one. Not because its the last one, but because Deathly Hallows takes ages to pick up. The camping in the country side, hunting down horcuxes scenes could have been shortened if you’d ask me.

4.) Which parts of the story made you cry?

Not too many. I don’t really cry over books all that much. Dumbledore’s death wasn’t even a huge shock. I think that to me the biggest shock was Sirius’ death. Just when Harry thinks he has found something close to family it is snatched away again so quickly.

5.) If you could have a relationship with a character from the Harry Potter stories, who would it be and why?

No one? Perhaps Bill or Charlie Weasley? They sound like cool dudes.

6.) What House are you in?

Ravenclaw according to Pottermore.

harry potter tag

7.) What pet would you choose: rat, owl or toad?

I guess a rat. Birds don’t go well with my asthma and toads just aren’t really appealing. As long as my rat isn’t an Animagus in hiding, I’m all set.

8.) Favorite character?

When it comes to the arc of the character in the story, I think Neville Longbottom is one of my favorites in the books. In the movies, I think that honor goes to either Draco Malfoy or Luna Lovegood.

9.) Least favorite character?

Professor Umbridge for sure!

10.) What Patronus would you cast?

Not sure, but I’d like to think mine would be some sort of bird.

11.) Which Deathly Hallow would you choose: the Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak or the Stone of Resurrection?

Invisibility Cloak for sure. Sometimes you just want to hide away and not be found, or is that just me?

12.) Which Hogwarts subject would be your favorite?

I love languages and different cultures. So I’m thinking Ancient Runes and Muggle Studies would be right up my street. But I wouldn’t say no to History of Magic either. I’m just that type of bookish person.

harry potter tag

13.) Which cast member from the films would you like to meet?

I don’t really have a desire to be meeting any of the cast members. Emma Watson seems cool, but I haven’t really kept track of any of the actors to be quite honest.

14.) Did you play any of the Harry Potter games?

Nope. I was a little too old for that by the time I started reading the series.

15.) What Quidditch position would you play?

Keeper. I wouldn’t be much of a Chaser and I wouldn’t be quick enough to be a Seeker. Beater is also not up my street, just not enough aggression to muster beating those Bludgers around.

16.) Favorite quote?

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” —Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

17.) Were you happy with the ending?

Yes and no. I felt the dying scene dragged on too long. I liked the ending in the book much better than in the movie. The latter was just very strange and too much trying to round up all the loose ends into too little time.

18.) How much has Harry Potter meant to you?

A lot. In a way it’s what got me reading English and that in itself made me decide on the rest of my career. I don’t think I’d be an English teacher if it hadn’t been for Harry Potter.

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?
Feel free to fill in this tag if you want to do it!

8 responses to “Harry Potter Tag”

  1. I liked all books except the fourth. It didn’t appeal to me at all for some reason. Crucial part to the whole story but not too enjoyable reading for me. I don’t even know why.

    • I like the 5th one but I do feel it drags on a bit after a while and all of that Hermione SPEW talk in the middle books doesn’t really appeal to me either. The books certainly have their moments.

  2. Ah zo leuk om jouw antwoorden te lezen! Die quote van Dumbledore vind ik ook heel erg mooi. Mooi ook om te zien dat Harry Potter de basis heeft gelegd voor het zijn van Engels lerares. Ik weet nog dat mijn Engels leraar altijd zei hoe slecht die Harry Potter vond haha, qua Engels. Vond ik altijd jammer!

    • Toen ik begon in het onderwijs mochten mijn leerlingen HP ook niet lezen voor Engels. Dat was namelijk ‘voor kinderen’. Ik snap de obsessie met kinderen veel te moeilijke literatuur laten lezen van het Nederlandse onderwijs niet. Als je probeert te stimuleren dat mensen lezen, zul je ze naast belangrijke maatschappelijke stukken ook moeten laten zien dat lezen leuk kan zijn.

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