Music of the Moment (March 2017)

I finally got round to sorting through heaps of music this month. Which means I had a large new batch of music to play around with all month. There are still a few older songs in here, because I couldn’t believe I haven’t shared these with you before. Still, there is plenty of new music to go around, so there are some newer additions too. I went with bands whose songs I’ve picked out of the current stream of indie bands more than once. Because if you get multiple songs onto my new in list, you have the highest potential of getting your music heard by me.

Boy – Boris

This is one of those OMG I can’t believe I haven’t posted this before song. I listened to German Folk duo Boy’s album religiously when it first came out. Now, years later, Boris is still the only song I listen to. It is a little dark as it tells the tale of a girl who is followed by a creepy stalker, but it is still a beautiful song.

coucheron – LOUD

This song just came on randomly after going through all those new tracks I had gathered and instantly fell in love. I love how bubbly and happy this is. Just in time for the nicer weather.

ded rabbit – Figurine

But I also still love my rock music. Ded Rabbit is quite possibly the newest, freshest rendition of that old school rock vibe fused with a modern twist. This track is catchy, fast paced and it just rocks.

HAUS – Levels

HAUS is one of those bands that has eased its way into my conscience very slowly. I have songs dating back to 2014 by them, but it is now that they seem to be gaining some more attention. Levels is a solid indie rock track that has combines catchiness with a hint of weirdness to grab your attention and not let go.

Hippo Campus – Way It Goes

This is one of those bands that could easily make it big. With this dreamy indie rock song they certainly have a good formula to get ahead of the game. There is a hint of country, a hint of pop and it’s just a catchy little song. And it does help that their videos seem to be carefully carved marketing ploys too.

Holy Holy – Gilded Age

YAY! Holy Holy has released a new album. Only in their home country of Australia so far though, so I can’t get my hands on it yet, but I have to say I’m excited. In case you didn’t know, I had their older track History on repeat all of last fall. This track is in a similar vein but their newer stuff is definitely a different take on their sound of rambling guitars with a hint of psychedelic.

Josef Salvat – Every Night

Now I’m sure I’ve shared this track with you before. But when a song is your favorite, it’s your favorite. I am currently digging Josef Salvat with a passion. He is best known for his amazing cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds, but I love his orginal work too. Each song is different, but what they all have in common are some great vocals and just solid songwriting.

Mother Mother – No Culture

Time for some more rock n roll. Mother Mother is another oldie but goodie on this list. Their tracks in my playlists go back to some of the very first indie rock playlist I ever listened to. We’re talking 2008 here. And they have come out with new music and I’m digging it.

NoMBe – Wait

NoMBe is one of those artists that is hip and happening in the indie spheres. I have heard a few of his tracks and while I don’t like all of them, I still like how he cleverly blends different types of music to create a unique sound. This track is lazy and chilled and perfect for those long summer nights.

the pale white – That Dress

Let’s finish this blog post with some more indie rock shall we? This track is insanely catchy and I can see this band making it far. They certainly have the sound that could please a festival crowd.

What have you been listening to?

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