What I Eat #29

I used to take daily pictures of my plates of food, but lately I mostly just forget. This is why this overview spans what I ate in the past 6 months or so, starting in early December. That is a long period of time, so this by no means is an exact representation of the foods I eat. Nowadays I tend to photograph meals which are a touch more special, meaning that extravagant cheesecake I baked or that time I went out for an American breakfast. Here are the meals I thought were shareworthy.

 photo 29whatIeat1_zpsvnvbgyvm.jpgEnjoying a frozen Butterbeer near Hogwarts Castle @ Universal Studios

We’re starting off with a picture of myself enjoying a Butterbeer. I already tried the one in London last year and wasn’t too impressed. This frozen version at Universal Studios tasted much better though. I of course got it in the souvenir mug which is now sitting on my Harry Potter bookshelf. One of the very few actual souvenirs I bought.

 photo 29whatIeat2_zpspctnoix8.jpg

For dinner I’ve been preferring very simple meals, focused around protein and veggies. This collage will probably make you think I’m a huge meateater, but I am not in fact. I generally eat meat once or twice a week maximum.

 photo 29whatIeat6_zpsrsa9box0.jpg

When I got sick last March, food was the last thing on my mind and I love grazing on some fruit and veg when I am feeling like that. I threw in some cheese because I had it lying around and needed to finish it off. Cheese is one of my favorite snacks!

 photo 29whatIeat3_zps9z3hz3zc.jpg

Most of the meals I eat are pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan. What you see here are a stir fry with some salmon, chili with extra beans, vegan Mac N Cheese and a very green veggie pasta with some garlic cream cheese for the sauce.

 photo 29whatIeat8_zpsn63xcgyd.jpg

Another ‘meal’ that I love to make if I have little time is a smoothie. You simply whip it up in minutes and I love adding some protein powder and/ or veggies to amp it up. Most of the smoothies I make are vegan as I use a plant based, raw protein powder and coconut milk and some water to blend everything together.

 photo 29whatIeat5_zpsuvjewbwu.jpg

I also love roasting things off in the oven, which is what I did with the veggie, potato, bacon concoction at the top and I had a very successful attempt at making stuffed egg plant the other day. I also went out for lunch with some friends and had this delicious sandwich.

 photo 29whatIeat7_zpstmxb2muq.jpg

This was a very special meal: this was our New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Instead of a proper dinner, we went tapas style in the late afternoon. We had different cheeses and meats, some tasty spreads, olives, nuts and some veggies.

 photo 29whatIeat4_zpsjyoizk7d.jpg

Moving on to some serious cheat meals/ desserts/ hot chocolate. A few weeks ago I was craving pancakes and so I made some! I added some warm cherries on top and plenty of whipped cream with icing sugar. My raspberry ripple cheesecake and panna cotta were a success: I will definitely be making those again in the future. Hot chocolate is a staple winter treat for me and I love making it from scratch with a generous dollop of whipped cream and salted caramel sauce.

 photo 29whatIeat9_zpsj00jqdcp.jpg

Speaking of salted caramel… This was one of the last meals I had in the States, beaten only by the delicious crab dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack later that same day. But we started the day with an American breakfast at Denny’s: salted caramel banana pancakes with pecan brittle, eggs overeasy, some bacon and some hashbrowns.

What meals have you been eating lately?

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