Smoked salmon salad

One of my favorite ingredients to chuck into a salad? Smoked salmon. It is just a great way to add some protein to a meal and to add lots and lots of flavor. Today I’m talking you through some of my favorite combinations.

 photo smokedsalmon1_zpsswzh6ap0.jpgSmoked salmon salad

In a way smoked salmon is a very versatile ingredient and as long as you either complement or contrast the flavor your salad will be very tasty. I personally am not a big fan of vinaigrette or salad dressings and I find that adding smoked salmon can always put a little fat and salt into a salad.

Combination 1

Pictured above is my favorite smoked salmon salad: with lots of greens, some tomatoes and chopped up avocado. I love the flavor of creamy avocado with some smoked salmon. And adding in some leafy greens is always a good start for any salad. Tomatoes add some great freshness as does some cucumber.

Combination 2

Another great option is to add some blue cheese to the salad above. It makes for a spicier more intense flavor that contrasts nicely with the salmon. I would skip the avocado than, else it might become too fatty.

Combination 3

If you want your salad to be more filling, then smoked salmon also works well in a pasta salad. I just make some pesto pasta (preferably with homemade green pesto) and let that chill in the fridge overnight. Then I add the salmon, some lettuce, cucumber and pine nuts and you have a quick and easy meal. I love this in the summer time.

Combination 4

Another great combo is by wrapping your salmon and salad ingredients into a tortilla. It may not be a salad per se, but I’ve been loving this for lunch as it is so quick and easy. I simply spread some garlic cream cheese onto the tortilla, add some lettuce and the salmon and then which ever other ingredients ticket my fancy. I love some olives, avocado or shredded carrots.

Combination 5

If flour tortillas aren’t your thing and you want to have a meal that is still quick and easy, even if you’re on the go? Then subbing out the wrap for a leaf of iceberg lettuce is a great idea. It makes your lunch easier to handle and a lot healthier too. Just add some filling of choice (could be any of the other combos mentioned here really) and you have the same style lunch as in number 4, but without the grains.

How do you like your salads?


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