My love for shoes

I <3 shoes! When it comes to fashion, shoes are my main weakness. Some women love bags, others love jewelry, but I’m a shoe fiend. And have been for years. I think it was my first fad when it came to fashion. The shoes I bought when I was a student weren’t the best quality though and over the years my tastes have certainly changed. Today, I thought I’d talk to you about why my love for shoes runs deep.  my love for shoes

My love for shoes

Shoes add variety to an outfit. I think this is my main reason for loving shoes. If I don’t know what to wear, I will just throw on the right pair of shoes and I know the look will come together. Shoes keep an outfit from becoming plain and boring. And while shoes can be torturous contraptions that kill your feet, if you have your wits about you, you can combine looks with comfort in a shoe as well. It’s just a win-win situation really.

Shoes add color to an outfit. In line with my first point, shoes are my favorite way of adding pops of color. Especially when it comes to colors that I find difficult to pull off. Yellow, for instance, is not a flattering shade on me, but when I add it in a shoe and it really goes well with the outfit, I can still incorporate that. I also love pairing colorful shoes with black & white outfits: instant stand out piece.

Shoes are easiest to go ‘crazy’ with. When certain trends roll around, I’m never sure whether they suit me. But I don’t mind trying it out in a shoe. My first foray into the embroidery trend of recent years were a pair of booties. Shoes are also a great way to add a statement: a crazy print, metallic finish or texture can look awful if it’s a full garment, but in a shoe it can just add that quirky touch that makes or breaks an outfit.

Shoes are affordable. This may sound like a contradiction, because can easily be the most expensive item in your outfit. If you stray away from designer name brands however and look for similar styles in the high street, preferably during the sale season, you will be able to strike the best deals on shoes. The summer sale season is my favorite for shoe buying as winter boots are heavily reduced and summer styles are being phased out so I find it has most to offer in terms of selection and price point. This year’s sales are especially good: I may or may not have added quite a few pairs to my collection.

Shoes are easy to store. Perhaps a bit of a weird one to throw in, but since shoes don’t have to be big and bulky, I find they are an item that it is easy to have a lot of. I store most of my shoes on the Ikea shoe racks you see in the picture above. If you are clever you can store a lot of shoes on those racks and it is easy to see what you have in one go. I keep my heels in a drawer in my wardrobe (another storage tip!) as well as my summer shoes. Anything I don’t need to grab and go is easily stored away, which is probably why I have so many!

Do you love shoes too? If so, why? If not, what is your favorite fashion item?


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    • Ik ook wel hoor. Heb natuurlijk zo mijn favorieten, maar probeer wel zo veel mogelijk af te wisselen. Elke dag draag ik wel een ander paar denk ik.

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