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What better shoe to wear in the summer time than a pair of sneakers? I am not necessarily a sneaker person, but I love a good sneaker every now and again. My two favorite brands for sneaker shopping are Nike and Converse. I’ve been eyeing up Adidas Superstars, which I like, but their sizing runs weird so I have been able to find anything in my size yet. So for now, these are my current favorite pairs of sneakers.

favorite sneakers

Sneaker favorites

That I stick to my favorites when I love a pair of sneakers will be self-evident in how some of these sneakers look: at least two pairs of these are repurchases. That’s right: I already completely wore out two pairs in this list and replaced them by a new shoe in a different color. And of one pair, I own it in two colors! Just goes to shown that once I love a pair of sneakers, I stick with it. Unlike most of my other shoes.

Nike Roshe Run

nike roshe run sneakers

Nike Roshe is a great sneaker if you’re looking for one with little support, but a great sole. When you first buy these, you’re literally bouncing around. This makes them very comfortable as a walking shoe, but it doesn’t necessarily make them last long. This is a shoe I already owned in the past.

But my old ones are not suited anymore for everyday wear. I only wear them for going to the gym now: they are comfy and quick and easy to throw on and take off. When I repurchased this pair, I decided to size down and get kids’ sizing, as I found my old pair to be slightly on the big side once I wore them in. Plus these came in neon orange. What’s not to love?

Nike Thea Air Max

nike thea air max sneakers

This isn’t my most comfortable sneaker, but I love the look of these. That’s why I own two pairs: one in a light color, one in a dark color. Nike Thea runs extremely narrow, which means that you always have to size up in these. I got one pair on sale in my usual size and they are a big snug, but after wearing them in, they are now a great pair.

So when I decided to buy a new pair, I sized up and those have been comfortable since the day I bought them. The dark blue color of them is also a lot more practical and go with anything. If I have a go-to pair of sneakers this would be the one. It’s the reason why I decided to buy a black pair of sneakers as I felt that too many of my sneakers were colorful which makes them more difficult to pair.

Converse High Top

converse high tops

This is not my very first pair of Converse. That would be a pair of pink and black ones that I no longer own. But these come close. I bought these nearly 10 years ago now in New York City. So not only is this a great pair of shoes, it also has some good memories attached to them.

I have owned high tops for years, but the only pair I truly wore a lot was this one. I have always liked this tweed fabric look and because of the neutral colors, they are very wearable. Definitely a summer shoe, because one rainstorm would ruin these completely. I have always worn these shoes on days when it’s not raining and that’s helped them to stay looking nice for all those years.

Nike Internationalists

nike internationalist sneakers

A shoe that is becoming trendy at the moment is the Nike Internationalist. I bought these a few years ago when I was in Chicago and looking for a sneaker that was sturdier than the Roshe Run. Most sneakers don’t give enough support to my strong ankles and feet (I blame dance class), so I wanted a shoe that would be more durable than most sneakers.

I ended up selecting this. This was comfortable off the bat and I wear these loads when I quickly have to run some errands or if I know I’m going shopping. The sole is very cushiony, but the shoe is made of leather which gives it a lot more support. The light grey shade makes them not ideal for Dutch weather though, but again, I only tend to wear these on sunny days to begin with.

Converse Low Top

converse low top sneakers

Could this be one of the most owned shoes on the planet? It seems like everybody has a pair of these and rightly so. These are a little bit flat, so not always super comfortable for me, but they are a classic so they deserve a space in my shoe selection. I now own them in red, but I used to have a black pair which I have worn to death. That pair now only functions as festival shoes.

The reason why I wanted a red pair was because I felt these would still go with everything and still stand out. I didn’t want to buy the exact same pair either: I like changing things up. And I like how versatile these are: these are a great pop under blue jeans and I love wearing that with a white t-shirt when I wear these. They were hard to find in my size though: these don’t usually come in women’s sizes.

What is your favorite pair of sneakers?

6 responses to “Sneaker favorites”

  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    Nice to see all your pretty sneakers!
    I love to wear also sneakers 😉


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I am not really a sneaker girl. I only wear them if they add to the look I’m wearing.

  2. savannahloomis Avatar

    I have the Nike Air Thea as well! But mine are in grey, they’re sooo cute!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I love Thea. Also have them in a light blue!

  3. baublesandknots Avatar

    I’m really on the lookout for fashion sneakers. I just purchased superstars for my daughter, too bad we don’t wear the same size.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ah that’s too bad indeed!

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