Skincare brands I love

I am not one for changing up skincare too often. My skin is sensitive and over the years I’ve come to know what I like and what works for me. This why I hardly change up the products I use and why I use up a product completely before moving on to the next. In my skincare routine I keep only the true and tested brands and products and today’s post is all about those brands. skincare brands I love kiehls clinique olaz olay the body shop garnier

Skincare brands I love

1. The Body Shop – The Body Shop has been my tried and tested for years. Their Aloe Vera line was the first skincare brand I found that truly worked for me without irritating my skin. Before this all the brands I found either worked but irritated my skin, or did nothing at all if it was gentle enough. I always keep a few TBS skincare products on hand. Currently I’m used the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion and the Vitamin E facial spray.

2. Garnier – For skin cleansing I swear by Garnier. Their eye make up remover as well as different types of their micellar water are my longstanding favorites. I always make sure I keep a supply of these on hand, especially the eye make up remover. The micellar water I find lasts a good little while and I love the pink cap and oil infused version both for taking off my make up and as a toner to finalize my cleansing routine.

3. Olaz – This brand is called Olay in the States, but the products they sell seem to be the same. I swear by their moisturizers for my dry/ sensitive skin. Especially their total effects line is one of my favorites. My mom has sworn by their daily moisturizer for years and it was her who recommended my looking into this brand. I find this sinks into my skin quickly and makes for a great base underneath makeup.

4. Clinique – On a more higher end note, I really like a few Clinique products as well. Their moisturizer is amazing and I love that for the night time, but more recently I’ve been really into their Pepstart eye cream. I find it works well, especially to depuff my eyes in the morning. I find it hydrates my under eye area nicely and prevents concealer from creasing so easily. This is one I will definitely repurchase when it runs out.

5. Kiehl’s – My most recent skincare discovery is Kiehl’s. I got loads of their products to try as freebees in a goodie bag and was instantly hooked. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been one of my favorites and I will repurchase this as soon as some of my other night time serums run out. Other products I have tried and loved are the Skin Essence and their Avocado eye cream. The first one is about to run out and the second already has been updated with a backup.

What are your favorite skincare brands?

4 responses to “Skincare brands I love”

  1. I’ve never heard of Olaz – it certainly looks exactly like Olay. So interesting that they rebranded it with a “z”. Does the word “Olay” have another meaning in your language? 😆
    I’m trying more things from Kiehl’s and have liked almost everything I’ve tried. It’s pricey but I find they do work well.
    I’ve been getting more into k-beauty brands lately; The Face Shop, Etude House etc.

    • Olay sounds kind of funny in Dutch, plus we’d pronounce the a sound differently so the whole word wouldn’t make much sense.
      I have loved almost everything I tried from Kiehl’s. Once I’ve moved I’ll hopefully have better access to the brand, so that will allow me to try some more.
      I’ve never tried Korean brands for skincare. I had a Missha BB cream way back in the day and loved it though.

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