Favorite Topshop pieces

Topshop isn’t an easy brand to get a hold of for me. This English brand is one I mostly shop at when I’m in the UK, but there has been a store in Amsterdam for some time now and soon there will be one opening in my soon to be new home town: Rotterdam. So it has become easier to buy from them over the years. They have some cool items that I find last well. It’s a little more expensive than H&M, but with that the quality is also always there. These are some of the favorites that I bought from Topshop over the years.

favorite topshop pieces

Favorite Topshop pieces

Jamie Jeans


Where would I be without Topshop’s Jamie jeans. These highwaisted skinnies have been my go to since I found them. Pictures is the first pair I ever bought (had these for 5 years and still going strong) and I have added quite a few since. These are comfortable and easy to wear and even better: they sell these in shorter inseams than in most stores. Topshop jeans are a short girl’s dream!

Bouclé sweater


This bouclé sweater is one of the oldest items from Topshop in my wardrobe. I’ve had this for years as well and have worn this so much. It is the softest and comfiest sweater I own and this is such a great casual piece to have. I love the texture of this: it’s fluffy without being too fluffy. It’s just a great throw on piece that works well with so many different bottoms. With some jeans and a cool bootie this sweater makes the outfit.

Corduroy skirt


I had a corduroy skirt on my wishlist for the longest time. And then I found this. I just fell in love with the rich burgundy tone of it. It also fits well, has pockets and it’s a great winter staple. With some thick tights and a pair of sturdy boots, this skirt has served me well ever since I got it. I like pairing it with the sweater below for a casual outfit that is still dressed up enough for work.

Tea dress


Tea dresses are everywhere currently, but I already got this last year. I love a good dress, but I don’t own too many tea dresses. So when I found this I was very happy. They didn’t have my size in the Amsterdam store, but they were kind enough to order it for me online in the right size and I got free expedited shipping as well. Talking about great customer service!

Thin knit sweater


This sweater has been a life saver and finding this marked the start of my love for all things thin knit sweater. As a teacher, you can get quite hot and sweaty so in the winter time, it’s sometimes nice to wear something that keeps you warm, while not overheating you at the same time. These sweaters are it and this was the first one of its kind that I found that fit the bill.

Favorite dress


And we’re ending this blog post on a high note: with my all time favorite dress. This dress I found at Topshop, but it is actually by a brand called Love, which is a London based clothing brand sold at Topshop. In the Oxford Street Topshop, there’s an entire floor dedicated to local London brands that are a bit different from what you will find anywhere else and that is where I found this. It currently doesn’t fit (which is a bummer), but I’m keeping it around for the day it will.

What is your favorite Topshop piece?

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