Styling pencil skirts

I love a good skirt and pencil skirts especially as they are so easily worn in a more casual or a more dressed up way. They are versatile and while a plain black pencil skirt will easily take you from the office to drink to a night of partying, you don’t have to keep it plain and simple. Pencil skirts come in many different patterns and if you dare to have a bit more fun, you have so many options to choose from. These are mine.  styling pencil skirts

Styling pencil skirts

When styling up pencil skirts you have many options to go. Sure, you can add a blouse and a blazer, but that is mainly a great look for the office. When I wear pencil skirts, I like to wear them more casually. My work space isn’t very formal, so wearing a full blown formal business outfit is never really necessary. Here are some of my favorite outfits when wearing a pencil skirt.


styling pencil skirts

Cardigan | H&M
T-shirt | Forever 21
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Tube

For the first outfit I used a pencil skirt with a grey toned floral print. I bought this some time ago now, but H&M does this style of pencil skirt every fall it seems. They just released different prints depending on what’s in fashion. Because of the muted color scheme I like to play it up with some grey heels, a fuzzy cardigan to keep warm and a black t-shirt for some contrast.


styling pencil skirts

Skirt | Asos
Blouse | Forever 21
Shoes | Clarks

See, I told you a pencil skirt could be funky. This Asos number was one of the first items I ordered from this by now favorite web retailer. It has an extravagant galaxy print, which makes it not so wearable. But with an item like this, you just have to let it do all the talking. So I like wearing this with an otherwise all black outfit to really let it shine. If you dare to make a bold statement than this would be it.

Office chic

styling pencil skirts

Blouse | Asos
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | ZARA

If you care to dress things up a bit more, then pairing a pencil skirt with a blouse is always a good idea. I still like contrasting colors though, but I like how the grey and burgundy nicely offset one another in this look. The black in both the skirt and the blouse keep it from going too overboard. And if worn with a pair of black tights the shoes add another nice pop of color on the feet.


styling pencil skirts

Shirt | Pieces
Skirt | Only
Shoes | New Look

However a more edgy look is also another possibility with a pencil skirt. I have a faux leather, biker inspired pencil skirt that works great when I want to toughen up an outfit. For some added contrast, I like pairing it with a more feminine looking top in a stark white and a broderie anglaise texture. Add on a pair of cool boots and you’re good to go!


styling pencil skirts

Sweater | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Dr. Marten’s

Last but not least, pencil skirts are also great for comfortable outfits that keep you warm. Paired with a cozy knit and a pair of sturdy Dr. Marten’s this is a look I bust out on cold winter days. The stretchy material of the skirt doesn’t make it too constricting (which is the only drawback of wearing pencil skirts to be honest) and it’s a great layering piece. I just chuck on two layers of tights and I know I’ll stay nice and toasty.

How do you wear pencil skirts?

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  1. I like pencil skirts. They are my “go-to office outfits”. Nice flat lays Maaike. BTW, you have a beautiful name. I’m happy to have discovered your blog.

      • Very nice review on the product. You are right about the importance of product packaging. I also prefer skincare product that come in a pump bottle. Like you said the potential for the spread of bacteria is reduce. Because, who really use all the time the little spoon to scoop out the cream? I don’t. I was thinking of buying reusable airless pump bottles to solve the problem of fingertip and bacteria. Nice reading you Maaike. -Dominique

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