Summer red lipsticks

Red lipstick is one of my favorites, so it should come as no surprise that I have different favorite shades depending on the season. In the summer time, most of my favorite reds to wear are orange toned reds. Some of these also make my overall favorite red lipstick list, but some of these I only bust out during the summer time. These are my 6 recommendations if you are looking for a great summer time red. summer red lipsticks

Summer red lipsticks

Even though summer may almost be over, orange toned reds are actually one of my go to lipsticks shades for much of the year. That is why I decided to do a separate blog post on them as well. Orange toned reds are bold and in your face so they are a touch daring to wear. However, as with anything in life: it takes some getting used to, but when you do, you have a great option to spice up any look.

The Lipsticks

summer red lipsticks

1) Dior Dior Addict lipstick Fireworks – This is an older lipstick that I have had for some years. I mainly keep this for the packaging now as I am not a huge fan of the formula. It is quite sheer and I like a bold, in your face look. However, I wore this quite a bit when I first dipped my toes into red lipsticks. The formula is very comfortable but slides off easily and I prefer my reds to have some staying power.

2) YSL Rouge Pur Couture Rouge Neon – I featured Rouge Neon in my all time favorite red lipstick overview as well. This is very similar to MAC’s Lady Danger, which is coming up in a minute. I think this is a hint more orange and the formula is less drying than MAC. Again, one I bought some time ago, but this shade is still available as it is part of their regular line. If you have a coupon lying about: this is a great lipstick to spend some money on.

3) Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Coromandel – Chanel lipsticks are major classics, but when it comes to luxury lipsticks, they aren’t my favorite. Mainly because I find the Chanel lipsticks to lack in lasting power. I wear this for Christmas mostly as it has a hint more brown to it, which makes this a more muted, more wearable orange toned red. Still this is a great lipstick to pull out of your purse on date night as well.

4) MAC Matte lipstick Lady Danger – Another classic! If you think orange toned reds. You think Lady Danger by MAC. This red has a lot of orange to it and it’s a great one to try if you think of trying an orange lipsticks, but aren’t ready to make the full commitment just yet. This lipstick is fully matte and requires some exfoliating of the lips before use to ensure a flawless application, but it is well worth the effort.

5) Topshop Rio Rio – A drugstore favorite of mine is this Topshop number. I like the matte Topshop lipsticks in general, but Rio Rio has always been my absolute favorite. It isn’t too orange and leans more towards that not quite ripe tomato color. I own a dress that has the exact same color and I love wearing those together. Is that weird? Or am I not the only one who matches her lipstick to her outfit?

6) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Morocco – Finally another drugstore favorite: NYX soft matte lip creams. I own a few, but I bought this to try a bolder color. I fell in the love the minute I wore it. I wore this ton over the summer months as it is a liquid lipsticks. This will dry down, but because of that, it will surely not feather or bleed on you on a hot summer’s day. And it is the most affordable option in this selection.

The Swatches

summer red lipsticks

Dior | YSL| Chanel | MAC | Topshop | NYX

Despite all of these colors being so close, you can clearly see in a picture that each shade has slightly different undertones: one has more orange than another. Plus there is an array of finishes here. From a creamy sheen to a satin matte, to full on mattes and liquid lipsticks: orange toned reds come in many different shapes and forms, with a varying price range to match.

What is your favorite orange toned red lipstick?

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