Book unhaul

I’ve been decluttering my life quite drastically these past few weeks. I already sorted through my makeup collection, my wardrobe and now it was time to sort through my books. I knew there were plenty of books that I wanted to get rid of and so this summer vacation I sat down and went through my shelves. In total I am parting ways with over 100 books: both fiction and non-fiction. In today’s video I will talk you through what I am getting rid of and why.  book unhaul

Book Unhaul

I never used to think I would be ‘that’ person who would get rid of books. But to be quite fair, many of the books I decided to get rid of had been on my shelves for years and some of them haven’t even been read. The last time I decluttered my bookcase, I mainly parted ways with non-fiction, so my fiction shelf needed the most drastic cull.

So I got rid of books I have read, but know will not read again. But I am also parting ways with books I have never even touched. The sad thing is that my reading tastes have changed quite a bit over the years, so I have lost interest in so many of the books I have. So rather than taking them to a new house, I would rather make other people happy with them.

Many of the books in the picture and in the video have already been passed along. I first let my friends and family take a pick and I have also been selling as much as I can. Anything left will be donated to a local charity that allows people with little means to get books for free.

Why would you decide to get rid of a book?

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