Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation

My favorite drugstore foundations? Bourjois Healthy Mix. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless. And now also: Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous. This is a foundation that I have had for a while, but that I just hadn’t gotten round to make my mind up about. The reason? This is a very hard to get foundation if you are not in North America and so I didn’t use a whole lot as I didn’t want to use it up too quickly. I know, bummer, but after using this again for a few weeks, I now have a good idea of what this foundation can do.  covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation review swatch 110 creamy natural

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Fresh Complexion Oil Free foundation 110 Creamy Natural

This foundation retails for $8.40 from Amazon, but in the US, depending on where you buy your makeup you spend a bit more or a bit less. It comes in 12 different shades, of which 110 Creamy Natural is one of the lightest shades available. Back when I bought this it was the lightest shade, but by now 105 Classic Ivory is the lightest shade available, but it has a more yellow undertone. 110 is more pink toned. One shade up, 115 looks to be lighter than 110, but again, it is more yellow toned.

The Packaging

covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation review swatch 110 creamy natural

This foundation has one of my favorite types of packaging. I love foundation that comes in a squeezy tube! Much easier to use than a straight up open top foundation of course, but I love it even more than a pump. It simply allows you a lot of control with how much product you actually squeeze out. Plus the tube is plastic, which means this won’t lead to nasty accidents if you decide to travel with it.

The Ingredients

covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation review swatch 110 creamy natural

This is an oil free, water based foundation that should give medium coverage that lasts all day. It should have a liquid to powder finish which should prevent oiliness and shine throughout the day. It should still look natural and ‘fresh faced’. That’s a lot of promises for a liquid foundation!

The Swatches

covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation review swatch 110 creamy natural

The foundation isn’t too thick, but also not too runny. It has a pleasant consistency that is easy to blend. This glides onto the skin and hardly streaks no matter what application method I use: brush or beauty blender, this product blends easily into the skin.

Once it is blended in, there is a distinct powdery look on my hand, but on the face it is not too noticeable. I do powder my face to extend the wear time of this foundation as I need my foundation to last a good 12 hours on an average day.

At then end of the day, this foundation has of course worn off in certain places, but overall I find this lasts well on my skin. It doesn’t crease of flake off, nor does it look too greasy in my t-zone, even after a full day of teaching.

The Application

covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation review swatch 110 creamy natural

Before – Half

On the left you can see my face without any product. I have some pigmentation on my cheeks and a little bit of redness. This foundation almost completely covers that, but my skin still looks like skin after I apply it.

covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation review swatch 110 creamy natural

Full face – Neck test

After applying a full face you can see I’m wearing something, but it is mostly undetectable. Despite a ‘powder’ finish, I don’t think this looks too matte on my skin and it does not emphasize any dry patches.

The only problem I have with this is that it is a touch too dark for me for most of the year. I have owned this tube for close to 2 years now and I have found that this foundation works best of me in this time of the year: just after summer. That is when the shade is the best match for me.

The Conclusion

covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation review swatch 110 creamy natural

The Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation is one of the best drugstore foundations on the market. I am so glad I picked this up when on a trip to the US! The texture is nice, it lasts well and it blends like a dream. Pity that the shade isn’t a perfect match, but if you can find a shade in this that matches your skin I would highly recommend you try this.

What drugstore foundation would you still like to try?

11 responses to “Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation”

  1. ☺ I’ve used the Ready Set Gorgeous concealer for almost 3 years now! No one ever seems to talk about this line but I love the concealer. Its cheap, long lasting, and creamy. I prefer it to Urban Decay Naked and Tarte Shape Tape! Nice review, thank you 💛

  2. I’ve heard lots of good things about this foundation – I have yet to try it even though it’s readily available to me. Right now I’m curious to try CoverGirl’s new Healthy Elixir foundation!

    • I want to try the Healthy Elixir so badly. I’ve heard nothing but people raving about it. Sadly, Covergirl is not available here, so it will be a while before I can get my hands on it.

  3. Is dit niet dezelfde foundation als de oude formule van Max Factor Lasting Performance? Volgens mij kan je die online nog wel in meer kleuren krijgen (30 Porcelain en 40 Light Ivory bijvoorbeeld)

    • Ik heb nog nooit een Max Factor foundation geprobeerd. Maar het zou best kunnen omdat het natuurlijk wel hetzelfde merk is. Covergirl heeft wel een groter assortiment.

  4. […] Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation – My current foundation is the Covergirl foundation that I love wearing in the summer time. This is so lightweight and easy to wear and it lasts well even on a hot day! This is one I am currently trying to use up, so let’s see how we fare. […]

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