Songs for a rainy day

I post my monthly music favorites, but I hardly ever go over songs that I used to love and still do even though they aren’t necessarily the newest released out there. There is just so much good music, it is impossible to post it all. But one can make the attempt surely, right?! So today I’d like to share some moody songs that I love to listen to when the rain patters against the window on a chilly fall day. Here are 10 of my favorites

Air – La Femme D’Argent

Dralms – Pillars & Pyre

Heather Nova – Winter Blue

Låpsley – Falling Short

Mesh 29 – Over the Barricade

Josef Salvat – Diamonds

Talos – Bloom

Jeff Buckley – Lover, You Should’ve Come Over

Luunes – Torrents

London Grammar – Bittersweet Symphony

What are your favorite moody tracks?

3 responses to “Songs for a rainy day”

  1. La Femme d’Argent is also one of my fav’s!

    I also like This Old House by Madrugada, almost all Portishead songs and Just Breathe by Eddie Vedder 🙂

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