Makeup declutter 5: eyes part 2

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Today I have another makeup decluttering video for you! I decided to split my eye video into two parts, because it would have been an hour long otherwise. So today I am bringing you the rest of my eye collection (minus eyeshadow palettes, those are in a league of their own). I will be going over all of my cream, stick and single eyeshadows in this video and there is a lot here, so let’s stop rambling and get on with the video.  makeup declutter eyes eyeshadow cream stick single mono

Makeup decutter | Cream, Stick & Single eyeshadow

You know I’m an eyeshadow junkie, so in a way it is no surprise that I had to cut this into two. I had set myself the goal to get rid of quite a few here as some it hardly gets used, or because I simply have too much of a similar thing. I mean how many chocolate brown and taupe eyeshadows can one human being own? In my case, way more than I need so I felt pleased with the outcome here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

5 responses to “Makeup declutter 5: eyes part 2”

  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    Wow so many eyeshadows…..


  2. stashy Avatar

    This is so painful but it has to be done!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I know right. Will you do an declutter as well?

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