NARS Albatross highlighter

NARS do some awesome cult makeup products. There are the Radiant Creamy Concealer, Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer for starters. Another product that fits into that long line of cult favorites is NARS Albatross. This highlighter used to be raved about, but that was back when highlighting wasn’t really a thing. Such a shame that this doesn’t get more love, because it’s a great highlight for an everyday look.

nars albatross highlighter review swatch

NARS Albatross highlighter

And hip hip hooray, because NARS has finally made it to the Netherlands. In the US this will retail for $30 and in NL for €31.50. Why do they always have to up the price here? Oh well, but just recently Bijenkorf started stocking them online and the brand will be available in at least the Amsterdam store soon. Still even at $30 this costs a pretty penny, so the question with expensive products like these as always is: is it worth it?

The Packaging

nars albatross highlighter review swatch

As with any NARS product, the packaging is sleek and sophisticated. The rubberized texture of the compact can get dirty quickly, but if you are careful with your products I have found this to be no problem. You will find a mirror in the lid and I love how compact NARS products are. It’s one reason why I love to travel with them.

The Product

nars albatross highlighter review swatch

I’ll be completely honest: I bought this on a whim. This had never been on my makeup wishlist as I know gold highlighters do not look good on me. I never tried it if I find a NARS counter and the product just never jumped out at me. But then I decided to give it a swatch… and I fell in love.

The Powder nars albatross highlighter review swatch

And when you see this in the pan you will understand why I was so underwhelmed by this. In the pan this highlighter looks like a translucent powder. It seems straight up white and not even when you turn it to catch the light do you seem much of a shine happening. However, when you apply this and blend it in a super pretty light gold glow appears.

The Swatch

nars albatross highlighter review swatch

The swatch is perhaps a bit meh, but that’s because I’m very fair. This shade will truly pop if you are a little darker, but still I like how this looks. It is not too shiny. We may have gotten used to poppin’ highlights and this is definitely not that. For a more subtle sheen however, this is super pretty. I find it looks natural any time and can we mention the blendability for a second? Some highlighters can look quite harsh, but this blends in like a dream. It is longwearing and stays looking the same for hours on end. The texture is super fine and it seems like the more you blend it, the more this comes to life.

The Application

nars albatross highlighter review swatch


Can you see what I mean? I think this makes my face look alive and healthy. A real lit from within look that isn’t too overpowering and blinding. There are days I like that look too, but this is one that is appropriate all day every day. It is subtle enough to be wearable, but present enough to do something for the face. Additionally, there isn’t a highlighter in my collection that is this smooth. Even with some of my more expensive highlighters (that would be you Dior), I detect a bit of sparkle, but with this you get nothing but glow.

The Conclusion

nars albatross highlighter review swatch

I was completely taken aback by how pretty and perfect the NARS Albatross highlighter is. It gives me just the look I’m going for if I want a warm toned highlighter that is natural. I was afraid it would be too gold, but it suits my skin tone very nicely. I love the glow this gives and despite this looking a tad boring at first, this is one of the more unique highlighters in my collection. Not because of the color, but because of the formula. If an everday highlight is up your street and you want one that is the best quality out there? Then get this!

What high end highlighter do you use?

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